Published on March 31, 2024 (Updated on April 01, 2024)

Parkour Chamber Trials

Welcome to Parkour Chamber Trials! Race against yourself or your friends to see who can achieve the lowest times! Here, you can find 8 different chambers to choose from! Starting off with easy and simple parkour, to gradually increasing the difficulty as you progress through to each level! How fast can you finish the Parkour Chamber Trials?

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  • Added new button in lobby to fix hot bar menu issues.
  • QOL Adjustments.


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How do I start the game in lvl 0
This map is broken so i give 1 star those 3 reasons: 1: you spawn in creative when world opened. 2: how to start a parkour? looked everything and cant find to start play game parkour in lobby lvl 0. 3: stepping in green block or emerald block doesnt go to next level.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the feedback! We are currently working to fix the problems you have presented. To answer the problems that you are experiencing:

1. Should be fixed by next update.
2. A hot bar menu should be given to you once you open the world for the first time (right-click to activate). We've added a button in the lobby to reset the game and give you the proper tags and menu.
3. stepping on the emerald blocks only work when the game has been started with the hot bar menu that should have been given when you initially open up the world.

These issues should be resolved by the next update. Thank you for your patience and feedback!