Published on September 05, 2021 (Updated on September 09, 2021)

Parkour Corridor 2

A sequel of Parkour Corridor. But its 2k blocks long and bigger. But this parkour is not harder than the first one. Can you accept this another challenge?Be good at parkour to complete these 30 stages with specific theme and biome. And also we add some 1.17 features here. And we add some good features like music and more. This parkour is easy so you can pass and complete this. Discover some shortcuts(Easter Eggs) here to pass stages much easier.

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Update Logs. (Big Changes)

  • Ladders was now added in Stage 6 and Stage 14.
  • Revamping some areas in Stage 14. To decrease a chance of stuck in basalt blocks.
  • Removing some texture including Title.
  • Respawn button was enhanced. Adding wither and instant damage effect to help you respawn easily.
  • Minor revamps.
  • Balancing the difficulty. (Nerfing some buffed stages)
  • Various bug fixed.


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Love all the Parkour Corridors and will look forward to there hopefully being parkour corridor 4
This Map Its Cool For me 5star :)
Please make parkour corridor 3
Its not the end of Parkour Corridor Series.
Are you ready for the Parkour Corridor Finale?

Wait on my YT Channel until i release the sneak peek video of Parkour Corridor 3
Please make Parkour Corridor 3,please!!!!!
Best parkour map I've ever played, each stage has so much detail. Highly recommend!
Best parkour map ever! ( i make minecraft maps planet minecraft ) .
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Sometimes the respawn item is not working so you can walk back and complete the stage if you fall.

Respawn Item = Its an item that can kill you instantly if you use it. Make sure you touch the checkpoint pad if you use it. The parkour map and the stages is big this item can help you to get back to that specific stage without spending much time to walk back.

If the respawn item didn't work. Type /kill @s or climb the ladders to go back to checkpoint pad.

At the flying stage (Stage 21). The elytra is automatically equipped in chest armor slot. Just tap the jump button to fly and pass that stage.

Sometimes the speed or the jump boost potion is useless on Stage 6 for some buffed part of that stage.

That's all the tips. Thanks for downloading the map.

Don't add you own add shorteners that redirect to the download link. Just use the original download link of the map or MCPEDL site on your videos if you use this.
I'm not putting ads shortener on my maps. I just use Mediafire, Dropbox or The download file above.
File size 9MB
I love this map, not easy not hard, but is fun VERY fun actually. I highly suggest to try this map
5 star for me. Thanks for the great experience
Absolutely loved this map. Its so fluid and it flows so well. An instant improvement from the last one. I really liked this and hope you make more because it made me happy:D