Published on May 05, 2024

Parkour Grid by PaperScentedRat

This is Parkour Grid made by me, my 3rd parkour map so far. There are 25 stages in this map. This map is inspired by Hielke, Cameo, and more... First, you'll spawn in a box with walls made of stone, basically like a mini-forest with a river in it. To start the parkour, you'll have to make your way to the tree with a golden pressure-plate by jumping on the stones. Some stages have barriers above the wall to prevent players from skipping a level. Do note that some stages have puzzles. Like stage 2, you need to find a lever to open the iron door, to move on to the next stage. At the end of the parkour, the last stage is end-dimension themed. Its a tower made out of purpur blocks and end bricks. It has 7 or 8 floors if I'm not mistaken. Once you reach the top, you'll see a stone pressure plate, step on it and you'll end up in a house as a winning room.

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•Fixed the teleportation bug in the beach section of the parkour.



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