Published on February 25, 2021 (Updated on June 26, 2021)

Pause Screen Fixer

Recently, the minecraft treatment packs have caused the pause menu to have elongated buttons. 1.16.40, which is very popular for PvP, has a completely unusable pause menu, requiring you to restart your game in order to leave a server or world. This pack fixes both problems, using UI files from the 1.16.20 game files.

Before using pack:

After using Pack:

Even works with other packs!

This is a pretty lightweight pack, so storage shouldn't be a big issue. 

The files were extracted from the 1.16.20 game files, so layout should be exactly the same as 1.16.20.

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  • Updated description to be more accurate to the actual problem


Installation should be simple, use it like any other mcpack download. Direct download this time, because this pack is quite small.


  • PauseMenuFix.mcpack (37.94 KB)
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I tryed this with 1.17 and it made a button visible the server button one it made it forever visible it might be due to 1.17 changing some code in the uis im not 100% sure
This pack is great but sometimes pause menu opens automatically
like ad pop ups which is bad when i am trying to do mlg pause menu pops up and i die there which is bad can you remove it and fix it
This is Great pack!
Some Chinese players are suffering from the pause menu bug, can I repost it to some Chinese Minecraft forum?
I will mark you as the author with a link to mcpedl
Hey bro do u have any trouble by applying a shader on ur mcpe
Cuz when i try to apply it in my mcpe all i can see in my world its just default minecraft texture pack
Theres no shadow, change of lighting, no wave of leaves, etc
currently as of 1.16.20 third party shaders are no longer supported by minecraft bedrock edition. this is due to rtx shaders being officially supported by minecraft
I thought it was a bug, considering that it was marked as one. Regarding the player position, I kept it in that location because it was the same as the vanilla one in 1.16.20. I'll move it for the next version
Come on. I thought this was an Add-On that can fully pause the game for single-player. Just like pause mod.
Fine, I will give it two more stars. Are you happy?
What is wrong with you? This is the texture pack category. Don't go rating other people's content poorly because you cant pay attention to its respective category or read the posting's description for what the pack is supposed to do. Grow up.

Psdt Good texture packs
Its good i guesss...
I really hate the pause menu in the new updates, but its not a bug. Mojang just wants to shove the marketplace in your face even more, hence why they added that button to the pause menu. My only gripe about this pack is the player positioning, if that would be corrected to scale properly on all screen sizes to its old location, then I would give 5 stars.