Perfect Drill

Hi guys, here I am with this amazing addon that will help you a lot when you want to get more diamonds, iron, gold. 

It’s very useful to use and the craft is very easy. I hope you enjoy it.

Any suggestion you can tell me in the comments ?

This drill can break:

  • Stone
  • granite
  • diorite
  • andesite
  • gravel

This drill is ideal to use when you make your long caves at height 12. You don´t have to make a click to break the block, you just have to go toward it, easy to use.

Also, it has fire resistance, which will help you a lot if you fall into the lava. 🤗👌

the recipe: 

easy to make, isn´t it

I really hope you enjoy it. 🥰😛

Also, you can check out my others addons:

Changelog View more

i've fixed some textures, scripts and y upgrade the mod to the 1.16. I hope you enjoy:)

Android update, now you can see this addon in the mcpedl app. Enjoy it guys :))

I update some pic where you can see how it looks in the game :)




Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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16 Responses

  1. Guest-5276284510 says:

    can it mine diamonds?

  2. Guest-3886603618 says:

    Mod only works when put on the first place of the mod loader, some mods also need this in order to work properly, its quite a bother because it means i cannot use other mods because of this. Is it possible to work around this issue? this is the best drill mod as of right now and its quite usefull. I’m on windows 10 btw

  3. Guest-2266217659 says:

    can i use it together with you elemental sword addon?

  4. Guest-4885434907 says:

    How do you install on a ipad????????

  5. Guest-1152190873 says:

    Suggestion: Add animation just 2-3 frames. Great addon btw

  6. Guest-6857986318 says:

    nice mod. but maybe try removing the fire resistance part as it is op

  7. Guest-2071957984 says:

    How do you download this because whenever I click the links and follow the instructions regarding ADFLY it just stays there and the download page never pops up.

    • Guest-2267192156 says:

      you don’t click on the ads. after it’s done, look at the top right corner. i will say skip ad. press on that and it will redirect you to a page. don’t press on any of the ads. when they say they want to send you notifications, press on deny. after 25 seconds, it should redirect you to the download page

  8. Demoniow09 says:

    Oye, si ajuntas todos los addons que has hecho en uno y hacer un addon eficiente alomejor ganarias mucha admiración, seria como un addon de pc, ya que asi todos los addons funcionarian bien

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