This is a map for those who like the history of minecraft. it is a short but informative map (a story made up by me is not official)

I have another map telling a longer story of the pillagers you can go see it if you want 😀

This little map tells a story about piglins. where he tells you how some of his secrets get their resources but all invented by me. (It is not an official story) but if you like the story of MINECRAFT you can download it and give me your opinion.

This map is translated into Spanish and English

Solve some puzzles to get rewards and pass the map faster

You will find some of the secrets of the piglins

You will discover for what and how they obtain their resources

And finally you will see his relationship with withers and blue fire. a bigger secret

I hope you like this little map I have a bigger one but that talks about the pillagers if you want to go see it below is the link thanks and tell me in the comments how are you 😀

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download link fixed. enjoy the map and tell me if you like me in the comments :D

The download link was changed, enjoy the map. bay :D


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  1. adamk104 says:

    I personally believe this is a cool and enjoyable adventure map, but your faulty advertising service gets blocked by my Avast Security. Please switch the advertising service to adfly or linkvertise or whatever trustful, so that me and other Avast owners can download this map safely. Furthermore, your download link is simply dangerous as may be viral.

  2. One of the best maps I’ve ever played.
    Uno de los mejores mapas que he jugado

    (I used Google translate for the Spanish text. I speak English though).

  3. vico124 says:

    Thanks a lot. my first comment on all my maps xd

  4. Itzjayden says:

    Nice and cool

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