Published on October 13, 2021 (Updated on November 11, 2021)

Pills Effects Add-On

Have you ever thought about how it would be if in minecraft you had medicines or pills with effects that help you to explore the world more and with less difficulty?  This addon will help you with that.  More than 18 pills were created with different effects.

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Are you tired of trying to make difficult potions in your game and want something more practical?  This addon will help you with that, there are around 18 pills that will give you different effects at different times.  some pills have been made with their own effect that has a time limit to finish.

Each pill has its craft, and they are all easy to make, you can carry 32 identical pills in the same space.  As they are easy to make the time has been reduced to not be so op


NOTE: Do not take a pill with the same effect, they do not accumulate time.  You can take several different ones, but pills with the same effects do not accumulate.



NOTE: Single-color pills only last for about two minutes. Dual-color pills have two effects of about one minute each.


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3 new pills with different effects were added to try to improve the addon


Turn on:

- Holyday Creator Features;

- Additional Moddings Capabilities.

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stop using experimental.
It would not be possible to do this as we are already used to more than 20 addons like this. But it's only been claimed now. So as no one has ever complained about it, we won't change. Just because of you.
Can we have a overdose effect if you eat 16 or more pills
I'd say about 8 pills as an overdose.