Published on May 20, 2021 (Updated on May 19, 2021)

Pink Crystal Addon

Hello and welcome to my first addon, in this addon I added a new ore in the overworld!

This addon adds new ore called Pink Crystal, new tools, and new armor for this ore.

You can find a pink crystal sword, sickle, and full pink crystal armor.

You can craft pink crystal ore on the crafting table.

After crafting the ore, you will be able to craft all the tools and armors.

This is the addon. Hope you enjoy it.

Good luck.

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Fix bugs and glitches,
Edit some textures,
Adds new textures,
This is the update, hope you enjoy it,

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Did you use others textures? I feel like I saw the textures when it wasn't tinted.
Soooo... you took textures from other people and then monetized it?

That's a no go on this site...
In what? Your comment doesn't make any sense.
it doesnt work for me