Planet Survival [Survival Map]

Credits: MinecraftRepro and Cham2ble for CrackedCubes

You have crash landed on a strange and alien planet… and now you have to stay alive. Can you survive in this arid landscape with little resources and loot? Only time will tell.

Features include: custom terrain, crashed spaceship, survival domes, crashed satellite, and more. 

Please note: this map should not be redistributed without credit given and a direct link to the MCPE DL page.


Supported Minecraft versions


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13 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Evan chen says:

    it won’t work

  2. TwinKoala says:

    People say ”fantastic”
    Now i try :):):):):):):)

  3. XxJeoffelxX says:

    How big is the map exactly?

  4. Mc player says:

    Hi so far this looks like the best map i have ever seen. However i cant download it! I downloaded it and opened it but when it says level import started it says that it failed i dont know if my version(1.16) or my device Android/samsung is the case or? Well anyways i would love to give 5 stars but i cant because if its my fault or yours sorry for being so long

  5. T0xic says:

    Great… but please add aliens!!!!

  6. kikiki says:

    Nice! Just don’t let the dust get in!

  7. SpaceCooki says:

    Yesss great thing this exist

  8. hozan says:

    preeeetty awesome

  9. Spyguy10078 says:

    Your all map I have tried they are so detailed and beautiful and this one is on Mars wow! but super fantastic creation and awesome work:)

  10. OctalPenguin says:

    Awesome looks great!

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