Plants vs Zombies Addon v12

Do you like playing “Plants vs. Zombies”? If you are a loyal player of “Minecraft” and “Plants vs. Zombies”, you can try to experience this addon. Have a good time!

About all of the plants have their Animations

Now support 1.16.201!


1.Lava Guava

If the zombie gets close to the lava guava, it will explode

2.Wasabi wilp

Wasabi can attack zombies and leave a withering effect, causing extremely high damage.

Sometimes he turns around his wilp

3.pea shooter

Pea shooter can attack zombies with peas

4.Ice pea shooter

Ice pea can slow down the zombies

5.Fire pea shooter

Fire pea shooter can shoot fire pea to hit zombies

6.Cherry bomb

It is a bomb, it can boom!

Please plant it near zombies!

8.Potato mines

Potato mines can kill zombies close to it

9.Watermelon pitchers

Melon pitchers can launch watermelon to attack zombies

10.Chinese cabbage(Bonk Choy)

It can attack zombies close to it

11.Electric pea 

Electric pea can launch ball lightning to attack zombies


Cactus can shoot thorns (peas) to attack zombies, the attack speed is relatively fast


He is suitable for attacking hordes of zombies

14.Puff shroom

It is very very very cute!

it can shoot spore to hit zombies

It only 3 health


It can shoot make smoke  to attck zombies

16.Goo pea 

It can shoot goopeas to attck zombies

zombies will be poisoned

And it looks funny


Cattail can attack zombies in water

WARNING:Don’t plant too many cattails, it will make your phone bad! Don’t try!


It can Spawn vex , if zombies close to it, it will boom!

19.Doom shroom

It can make doom and spawn mushroom-cloud

20.Wall nut

It is a great ”wall”

plants aways can’t hit it

21.Coconut Cannon

Put the tag on the ground and it can attack tag



22.Double pea

It can shoot two peas a time


It can spawn sun

(The sun hasn’t worked yet)


Maybe she is the strongest melee plant of the addon

She can attack many zombies once

25.Ultimate plant–Ultomato

He is the strongest plant in PVZ2 and this addon

26.Homemade wasabi wice

It can attack and slow down zombies


It is a best wall

28.SpikeweedZombie can’t attack it at first

29.Spikeweed kingIt is better than spikeweed


It can spawn money


1.Basic Zombie

 Basic zombie doesn’t like the word ”basic”

He has 20 health,and he is slow

2.Barricade Zombie

  He always put a barricade on head

He has 30 health, he is not strong

3.Barrel Zombie

   He was a painter

He has 35 health, he’s not very hard

4.Brick Zombie

   He is wearing a brick

He has 45 health, potato and guava can’t kill him

5.Football zombie

He is fast, be careful!

6.mummy zombie

He is basic zombie, but in the desert

7.Barricade mummy

He thinks he is clever, he wears a ‘hat’

8.Barrel mummy

The Barrel zombies in the desert

9.Pyramid mummy

His head likes a stone! ohno, that is just a stone! tooo hard

10.Pharaoh zombie

His coffin is hard

11.Egypt Gargantuar

The large and strong zombie

 12.Egypt flag(in the left of the photo)

He runs quickly

 13.Torchinglight Zombie(on the right of flag)

Be careful! he runs very quickly and He can kill any plants instantly

14.Torch zombie(in the third of the photo)

He can kill any plants instantly but runs not very fast

15.Egypt Rally zombie(in the left)

He likes has no newspapers newspaper zombie

16.Dr. Zomboss Egypt


Zomboss has lots of health, you can’t kill him quickly

He can shoot chaos-ball, it can make a lot of mobs poisoned and die!

17.Sunday zombie

He is old, but he is very strong! No plant can beat him!

”A good sword remains always sharp”

18.Dino bully vetera

The strong zombie and he can kill your plants quickly


Health longer than egypt gargantuar

20.Red eyes Gargantuar

He is fast than nomal gargantuars and his health is very very hard

21.Black football zombie

His health is londest ,exept gargantuars.

He is very fast

22.Roma Gargantuar

The strongst zombie

You can get plants and zombies from your inventory and please don’t lower the score maliciously

23.Dead zombie

He is poisonous, it’s dangerous


You cant’t plant near it (because the ground isn’t clean)

Every time it will spawn a dead zombies

25.News paper zombie

How to old, how to strong

26.Jack box zombie

He can boom after the first attack


28.Barrelroller_zombieHe’s healthy is long, and he can spawn imps when the wheel boom

Now plants can’t attack other plants!!!

About all the plants’ arrow have update!!!

Have a good time!  😀 

Changelog View more

pvz addon v12更新日志

1.Add most of UI textures


2.Add Barrelroller_zombie


3.Add Jack-box zombie


4.Add Spikeweed


5.Add Spikeweed king


6.Add Marigold


7.Add tall-nut


8.Now cherry boom and doomshroom can't destroy blocks

修改樱桃炸弹和毁灭菇行为(行为模板来自@某回旋标射手 )修改过部分

1.Add wasabi wice

2.Add dead zombie

3.Add tombstone

4.Now pharao's coffin can destory

5.Add news paper  zombie

6.Now Sunday zombie's newspaper has health

1.Abou all the plants' arrow have change

2.Plants can't attack each other

3.Add gargantuar

Red eyes gargantuar

Roma gargantuar

Black football

4.Removed Herobrine

And more

1.Add pokra

2.Add ulomato

3.Add sumday zombie

4.Add dino bully veteran

5.Fix bugs

6.Add about all plants Animations

1.Add pokra

2.Add Ultomato

3.Add Sunday zombie

4.About all of the plants have animations

5.Fix bugs

6.Sunday zombie only can endure one of the plants'  attack(But No upper limit )

pvz addon8.5

1.Add torch egypt

2.Add tirchinglight zombie

3.Add double pea

4.Add sunflower

5.Add egypt flag

6.Add Egypt Rally zombie

7.Zombies can actively attack plants 

8.Doom shoom can bomb quickly

9.Iron gelom can't attack plants now can't push cactus

1.Add Bloomerang

2.Add mummy

3.Add Barricade mummy

4.Add Barrel mummy

5.Add Pyramid mummy

6.Add Pharaoh zombie

7.Add Egypt Gargantuar

8.Add Dr. Zomboos egypt

9.Fix bugs

1.Pea shooter has new modle

2.Snow peashooter has new modle

3.Fire peashooter has new modle

4.Electric peashooter has new modle

5.Add ghostpepper

6.Add Coconut Cannon

7.Add tag

8.Now Puff shroom can shoot spore

9.Now fume shroom shoot smoke

10.Add cherrybomb

11.Add doom shroom

12.Now football zombie can't run very fast

13.Plants can't konck back zombies

14.zombies can't knock back plants

15.Now plants cannot be pushed

16.Removed Herobrine

1.Add Doom shroom

2.Add Wallnut

3.AddCoconut Cannon

4.Peas have new modles

5.puff shroom can shoot spore now

6.Fume shroom can shoot smoke

7.New mob eggs' textures

8.Fix bugs

9.Removed Herobrine

1.add Ghost papper

2.add Cherrybomb

3.fix goopea's modle and texture

1.Gava has new modle

2.Fix peas' black head and leaves

3.add fume-shroom

4.add puff shroom

  • Added Gloom-shroom
  • Added Basic Zombie, Barricade Zombie,Barrel Zombie and Brick Zombie

  • Added Gloom-shroom

  • Added 4 types of zombies

  • Will add more zombis

  • Fix the title
  • Added electric peas and cactus
  • changed the models of most plants

  • Added electric peas and cactus
  • and changed the models of most plants

v2.0 bug fix

Fix 3 bugs

1.lava guava's modle

2.cherry boom's texture

3.potato mines


    Added watermelon pitcher, potato mines and chinese cabbage



1.This addon supports 1.16.201

2. Please open the experimental gameplay 

5.I am busy, and I study hard, I don't have much time to make addons

6.Please Please turn off "Biodestruction"

7.If you want to recommend the addon, you can only use the original link. If we find that you use your own link to spread without our permission, please bear the consequences


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    Will you make crafting recipes later on?

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    nice addon

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    Can I edit the addon for my map because I use more than one addon in my map

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    Can you please add all plants in PvZ 2 and 1 pls? If you do,This will be the Most best PvZ Addon!

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    Did you just stole addon from lil craft?

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    The addon it’s not working ;(

    • Please make sure that your version is 1.16 and above. Please open the experimental gameplay. If it doesn’t work, you can exit and re-enter. The first time you load it, there will be problems. Change the world or enter /reload to avoid it.

  11. D4rk_Wizard says:

    Good addon. The plants are amazing. Sorry my bad english, I’m speak spanish

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    n can i make a map i will give you credit also what did you use to make textures .

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  14. Nice! Thanks for not using

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    Awesome PVZ add-on ever

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