Plus Swords RB (V7 Power Ores Swords 2 Update)

This is the first version of Plus Swords. Where I will be Bringing swords of known mods and swords of my creation to you, in this first version I will be bringing the teamcofh swords which are copper, tin, silver, lead, nikel, bronze, invar, aluminum and platinum. I hope you like it leave in the comments which swords of known mods I can add here the credits of the creators are in the description. I’m a fan of their work so I’m doing this.

Here is the description of the addon ores and swords.

V1 ( Thermal Update) 


Copper,tin,silver,lead,nikel,bronze,Invar,aluminium And Platinum.

Here are the spawning sites for each ore

Copper: 0,90y

Tin: 0,80y 

Lead: 0,70y 

Silver: 0,75y

Bronze: 0,55y 

Nikel: 0,50y 

Invar: 0,40y 

Aluminium: 0,30y 

Platinum: 0,25y 

All of these Ores can be Merged at Fornalha and Blasting Furnece


Each Sword has its own damaging damage.

Swords Damage 

Copper: 4,5 

Tin: 5,0 

Lead:  5,0 

Silver: 5,5 

Bronze: 6,0 

Nikel: 6.5

Invar: 7,0 

Aluminium: 7,5 

Platinum: 8,0 


V2: (Ores Update) 

New Ores: Pink Diamond,Sapphire,Ruby, Amethyst And Onyx.

•Spaw ores: 

Pink Diamond: 0,20y

Sapphire: 0,15y

Ruby: 0,13y 

Amethyst: 0,12y 

Onyx: 0,10y

•Damages Swords:

Pink Diamond: → 9 

Sapphire: → 10 

Ruby: → 12 

Emerald: → 14 

Obsidian: → 15 

Amethyst: → 16

Onyx: → 16

New Itens + Crafts 

New Craft Swords: 

Obsidian Sword:

Onyx Sword:

V3 ( Power Ores Swords ) 

•New Ores: 

Peridot,Garnet,Aquamarine,Topaz,Tormaline And Crystal. 

• Ores spawning sites:

Peridot: 0,20y 

Aquamarine: 0,20y (Only in ocean biomes)

Tormaline: 0,15y 

Topaz: 0,13y 

Garnet: 0,12y

Crystal: 0,12y 


Peridot: Demage → 9 

Effect: Jump Boost

Aquamarine: Demage → 15

Effect: Water BreatHing

Tormaline: Demage → 12 

Effect: Regeneration

Topaz: Demage → 13

Effect: Fire Resistence 

Garnet: Demage → 13 

Effect: Strength 

Crystal: Demage → 14 

Effect: Speed 

New Item: 

Obsidian Stick: 

V4 ( Aether Update) 

• Ores: 


Ores spawning site: 

Ambrosium: 0,95y 

Zanite: 0,50y 

Gravitite: 0,32y 


Zanite: Demage: 7 

Effect: Slow Falling 

Gravitite: Demage: 9

Effect: Slow Falling 

New Crafts: 

All Swords: 

All Ores: 


V5( Super Swords Update) 

In this Updates new swords have been added that evolve from swords already present in the addon.

• Swords:

Super Wood Sword

Super Stone Sword

Super Iron Sword 

Super Gold Sword 

Super Diamond Sword 

Super Netherite Sword

Super Sapphire Sword 

Super Ruby Sword 

Super Emerald Sword 

Super Amethyst Sword 

Super Onyx Sword 

Super Obsidian Sword 

New Blocks:

Sapphire Block

Ruby Block

Onyx Block

Amethyst Block

Perfect Obsidian Block 

• All Swords: 

V6 Ultimate Update

New Ores: 


Titanium 0,8y And Uranium 0,8y 

New Ultimate Swords 




Ultimate Sword : 

(V7 Power Ore 2 Update)

New Ores And Powers: 


Spaw: o.13y 

Power: Levitation 


Spaw: 0,11y 

Power: Resistence 


Spaw: o.18y 

Power: Night Vision 

New Ores 

All Swords Addon: 

Changelog View more

This V7 Update has fixed bugs, added 3 new ores and 3 new swords with new effects such as night vision, stamina and levitation. Beyond Now the Ultimate Sword Craft Is Available and Bug Free.

the link was specified and bugs were fixed for better use of the players

the link was correct and the addon was updated properly as well as its description thanks

2 new ores and 4 new ultimatum swords have been updated in the game. 

the wrong links have been removed now everything is correct thanks for your attention

the wrong links have been removed now everything is correct thanks for your attention

In this Updates new swords have been added that evolve from swords already present in the addon.

v4 New Swords and Ores were added in addition to a new miner to make torches.

6 new swords with special effects and new miners were added.

V2: 7 new swords and 4 new ores were added in addition to new items check the description


activate the 3 resource options for mods


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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  1. TSARxSERGEI says:

    I’m on Xbox one, I use all the experimental features along with even trying it with education edition on and nothing seems to work I see the ores, atleast some of the ores, But they are useless, can’t smelt them, can’t build swords with them nothing. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m on Xbox.

  2. DemonAxe23 says:

    It’s not working I don’t see them I put them on and I put the experimental features on not there I’m on Xbox so help

    • TSARxSERGEI says:

      I know it’s annoying, There is currently no sword addons for Xbox players as I can see, I have a nice pack and everything, But no swords to compliment it. Kinda sucks being in Xbox sometimes.

  3. JetCascade57882 says:

    Hi, I have a question that how are you able to make this:

    “V5( Super Swords Update)

    In this Updates new swords have been added that evolve from swords already present in the addon.”

  4. Gucci_Gangster69 says:

    Could you please add 1.16 support

  5. S4NT1 says:

    Sé que el complemento se llama “Plus Swords…” pero, me gustaría que, además de crear espadas, también se pudieran crear las herramientas y armaduras respectivas con cada mineral.

  6. LuizTheGamer428 says:

    Cool, next mod tinkers
    Just kidding i want ender io

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