Published on June 27, 2021 (Updated on June 27, 2021)

Poisoned Food Add-on

Have you ever wanted to poison your friends? Well now you can! With this addon you can poison peoples food and poison them without their knowledge. You can poison every food in Minecraft. (Except for cake)


This add-on has been exclusively uploaded to Mcpedl.

You are NOT allowed to re-upload our add-on on any other website or on Mcpedl.

All other versions of this add-on on any other website are none official versions of this add-on that have been posted without our consent, we are in NO way associated with these websites.

If you make any videos featuring our add-on make sure to include proper credit with our name (LZCraft) and a link to this website.


To poison any food, you will need a potion of poison and the food item you want to poison.



*The Poisoned Foods can only be crafted and cannot be found in the creative inventory or by using the /give command to get it.

*You CANNOT see any of the poisoned food recipes in the crafting table.

*The Poisoned Pufferfish, Golden carrot, Spider eye and Water Bottle cannot be used for potion recipes.

*Poisoning already poisonous foods will give stronger poison.

*The Poisoned Milk Bucket does NOT clear potion effects.

*Making a Golden Apple with a poisoned apple will make a Poisoned Golden Apple.

*You cannot make seeds from the Poisoned Melon.

*You cannot plant the Poisoned Carrot and Potato.

*The Poisoned Chorus Fruit does NOT teleport you.

*The Poisoned Golden Apple and Enchanted Golden Apple does NOT give positive effects.

*Cooking Poisoned Foods will give its poisoned cooked version.

*Making Beetroot Soup and Rabbit Stew out of the poisoned ingredients will make the poisoned versions.


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-Updated some text to make it more clear.    



Make sure to enable experimental gameplay, otherwise it won't work properly.


If you're on PC download the .mcaddon file.

If you're on any other device download the .zip file.


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Can i use this addon on my map? I will credit you and have a link to this page.
Oh well 🤣 it's fun add-on specially for multiplayer but I am here to tell that can you please update your total recall addon one of the best addon on the website. Please 🥺🙏 update your total recall addon.
What would you like us to add to it, the add-on should work perfectly well with 1.17, are there any issues I'm not aware of?
bruh no cake this is stupid
We tried adding cake but we couldn't get it to work with texture packs because the cake geo and block are hardcoded into the game, we might try to find other ways of adding it in a future update.
good enough