Published on February 19, 2023 (Updated on February 24, 2023)

Pokemetels Harry Potter Addon [Alpha Compatibility Update]

Cast spells from harry potter like the unforgivable curse avada kedavra, battle each other wizards and witches using powerful or strategy type spells. eventually you'll be able to be sorted into your respected house and acquire your own personal wand

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fixed arrows mechanic and made it better

fixed scroll messages

made this addon fully compatible with my fantasy addon

added beam collision with avada kedavra and expelliarmus


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Eduardo Albuquerque June 15, 2024 at 10:36 pm
Posso ajudar você a fazer o mod?
Could I use this Mod for a Harry Potter map that I am planning to build and download? (If I even start it I’ll be finished in about 10 Years I guess as I will try to build a almost exact replica of a big piece of London, Hogwarts of course and every other thing in Harry Potter.) I will credit you.
Also for anyone that is wondering if this still works in 1.20.60 it does.
plz update soon
Still works in 1.20!!
Hi please update this mod for 1.20 other than that amazing work
I love this addon, it has everything interesting, especially the spell lines, I wanted to give a hint of maybe a future arualization if you're interested, for a spell to fly like a death eater
Only Voldemort can fly. Death Eaters were on brooms in ”The Seven Potters“ (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)
I have a question, I'm on bedrock and when I put a normal stick or one of the custom sticks in my crafting menu, it doesn't do anything. I even tried to pair it with the 'woodcarver' and it didn't do anything. What could I be doing wrong?
Hi, just wondering to see if this addon is still a WIP or you have decided to not continue it. Cheers! Still a very good addon!
its a wip, im one guy making 2 big addons
no fake
Can You Change The Link to A Mediafire Link because i don't get how to download addons from linkverse
Hey pokemetel i have a quick question. How many features are in this addon rn? And most importantly, how many spells on the wand?
I just tried it out, I love it.
I do have some suggestions of course.
Could you make it so that the arrows aren’t being shown, I know that they are huge and that means other players can see them, making it hard for sneak attacks with spells.
Expelliarmus: could you make it so that it causes an item being held by an entity to be dropped when they are hit to?
Ideas for added spells:
Crucio: inflicts wither
Accio: acts like your telekinesis spell in Pokemetel Fantasy
Wingardium Leviosa: acts like your levitation spell in Pokemetel Fantasy, except it being used on yourself
Imperio: similar to mind control from Pokemetel Fantasy.
Lumos: similar to Mage Light
Aguamenti: can create water block, either temporary or permanent.
Again these are just suggestions, do with what you will.
Im glad! I can't really make expelliarmus drop the item sadly and yeah thanks for reminding me i actully forgot to do that XD
Very exited for this mod! I have been looking for a good bedrock Harry Potter mod and I might have just found it!
This addon is so cool just like your other addon, but it's really hard choosing spells because sometimes you can't see the spell that you're looking for. Instead of arrows, I think a gui where you can choose spell is much better. This is just a suggestion, overall you addons are great.