Pokémon statue world by sleiny boi

this is my creative world where I build all kinds of pokemon for my videos now I make this world available for everyone to play. this map will get updated at some time with more pokemon

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UPDATE 21-09-2023

fixed download file, fixed stakataka's colour. updated the trailer video

Added new Pokemon: Mega Rayquaza, Dedenne, Mimikyu, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Celesteela Inciniroar, Torracat, Litten, Guzzlord, Necrozma, decidueye, Dartrix, Rowlet, Marshadow, Zacian, Zamazenta, Scorbunny, Raboot, Cinderace, Eternatus, Applin, Flapple, Appletun, Corviknight, Corvisquire, Rookidie, Regidraco, Eiscue, Fuecoco, Crocalor, Skeledirge Sprigatitio, Floragato, Meowscarada, Quaxly, Quaxwell, Quaquaval, Clodsire, Lechonk, Oinkologne, Smoliv, Dolliv, Arboliva, Slither wing, Iron Valiant, Roaring moon, chien-pao, Koraidon, Miraidon, Dipplin, Frigibax, Arctibax, Baxcalibur.


  • pokemon_world_by_sleinyboi_21092023.mcworld (37.67 MB)

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this map is amazing thanks bro