Published on March 19, 2024 (Updated on March 22, 2024)

Poolrooms v1.1

Have you ever wanted to explore the poolrooms in Minecraft? Well, now you can! while before the only way to experience the Poolrooms in Minecraft was through the Java version of the game, but this map brings them to Bedrock!

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  • v1 created map with early versions of the Poolrooms, the Dark Poolrooms, and the Abyssal Ending.
  • v2 added Abyssal Zone and polished the Abyssal Ending.



  • Poolrooms_v1.1.mcworld (40.33 MB)

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Isn't this basically Doctor4t's mod?
it's heavily based on that mod. I was originally just going to try to make a map of his mod, but because of Bedrock's limitations, I couldn't. I then decided to make something similar, but unique.
this map is so cool. also what mod did you use
I used Stellar Graphics, Worldedit to build it, A texture pack I made called FakeSky, Snayke's Backrooms Texture Pack, Backrooms Explored Remastered, And the Ghost Block Addon.
It's still 20%, I wonder how long it will take to explore the map for now
Thank you! it's always fun to see someone who enjoys something I made! it's going to get a lot better in the next update! I'm going to add a lot more to the Poolrooms and Dark Poolrooms, as well as adding the Abyssal Zone!