Portals (Add-On/Script) (Windows 10 Only) (1.14)

Portals in an add-on that adds just that. Portals. Not portals that go to the Nether, or the End, but portals that go wherever you want. 

Create up to 5 pairs of portals, each one traveling between their corresponding colors.


The recipes in Portals are fairy simple, although they will cost Eye’s of Ender. A lot of Eye’s of Ender.

Portal Frame

Used to build the portal frame.

8 Quartz blocks,

1 Eye of Ender

Portal Controller

Necessary to open a portal

3 Portal frame blocks,

2 Redstone dust,

1 Eye of Ender 

Portal core

Used on Portal Controller to create and determine color of portal.

There are 5 colors available: Blue, Lime, Orange, Red, and Magenta.

4 iron ingots,

2 Ender pearls,

1 Eye of Ender,

2 dye of blue, lime, orange, red or magenta. All colors use the same shape.


After crafting the necessary materials,(2 Portal Controllers, 26 Portal Frames, and 2 Portal Cores of any of the 5 colors.) you’ll first need to set down a Portal Controller block.

You’ll probably notice first off what appears to be an arrow on the side of the block.

This is simply to tell you how to build your frame. The frame is in the same shape as a standard Nether with the corners..

You’ll build your portal frame so that the center, where the portal will open, is where the arrow is point, like so.

Note: The frame can be constructed in this shape, and only this shape.

All you need to do now is click the Portal Controller with your selected Portal Core.

You’ll need to repeat to create the second portal of the same color.

To destroy a portal, all you have to do is break the portal controller. You will not get your portal core back, but the controller will drop.

Note: In creative you must use a special item on the Portal Controller to destroy it. This is due to a bug that is not fixed in 1.4.

To get the item run this command: /give @s portals:portal_destroyer

Important Stuff

To use the add-on you MUST 

 Have Experimental Gameplay on

– Have Activate Cheats on

-Not have any active Ticking Areas in your world

If any of these are not true, the add-on will not work.

Upon entering a world with this add-on, you should get 2 messages in your chat, one saying “Client player registered”, the other saying “Server player registered”. If you do not, the requirements have not been met.

This add-on is single player only! More than one player will break everything.


The portal is an entity(mob).

Do not create the portal in water, or place water in the portal. If the portal is moved, this will break the destruction process. If the portal is moved, however, just splash a potion of harming on it and it will die.

On that note, do not let the portal get splashed by potion of harming unless you intend to destroy it.

In the unlikely event that the portal is destroyed, by potion of harming, lighting strike, creeper, ect… all you have to do is break the portal controller, and respawn the portal.



Important: This add-on only current work on Windows 10

It is recommended that you back up your world before using this add-on

After downloading both files open one of them and let Minecraft install. Do likewise for the other file.

Then apply the Behavior Pack to your selected world, and the resource pack will automatically be applied. 


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. User-4116558675 says:


  2. Kwstas Liakos says:

    I get an error with the behavior pack
    Missing dependency with ID ‘bbca0970-802a-49c7-9592-ff99d7a7702f’ and version ‘1.0.0’.
    Any tips mby?

  3. Random Person in MCPEDL says:

    Just worked on android with blocklauncher and
    ThisJobYT is a noob

  4. ben wells says:

    you sould make this mod for moblie i will give you five stars

  5. Bruh says:

    BRUH it use blocklauncher


  6. ItsRealCrazy says:

    Hey, so I’m an Addon maker myself, and I have a proposal. I’m unsure if it is possible or not, but I want your help to create a variation of this addon for a Pack I’m making. My goal is to bring Java-style Modspacks to bedrock and this Addon is perfect for doing just that. I hope your interested, let me know!


  7. ThisJobYT says:

    Wait, if you said that the portals are entities, why does this Addon require scripts?? Fix this please!! I always give one stars to Addons that requires scripts to run even though the Addon doesn’t always require scripts to run.

  8. LiamTheDiamondPlayer14 says:

    Guys you can run this on android by using block louncher open block louncher and activate this addon in yourvworld Im not joking it works you can run scripts on android with blocklouncher

    • ThisJobYT says:

      NAH, FAM!! I don’t want to play with BlockLauncher just because it requires Android 10!! Like seriously though! If this Addon doesn’t get updated to the version that doesn’t require BlockLauncher to run… I am going to report this Addon to the MCPE DL Twitter page!!

  9. Jiji The Penguin says:

    Everyone is complaining on how it’s only for Windows 10, but as a Windows 10 player I appreciate this mod.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When you realise its for Windows 10 only and it looks like it would work unlike others

  11. BenJamin9794 says:

    Cool! 🤪

  12. OmeneG says:

    Esse portal leva pra alguma dimensão?

  13. BlkCatGmg says:

    Thanks. I saw you only got a review so here’s this…

  14. David says:

    This looks like a really cool addon. When will it be available for iOS

  15. Sasha golodnuk says:

    Why does it work only for Windows 10 edition and not on the phone and iPhone? !! 😡 😡 😡 😡

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