Prehistoric Rift

Greetings fellow human beings, and welcome to the world of Prehistoric Rift! This addon aims to expand upon the gameplay of Minecraft by adding prehistoric creatures and enhances the vanilla experience!

Please note that when distributing the addon, only use the mcpedl page or the github related links. You can also make a video about this addon but don’t make it a dumb clickbaity one.

If you spot any bugs or if you have suggestions you can post them in the bugtracker on GitHub. Just make sure to browse the area first.. You may also feel free to join my discord server where you can casually hang out, or the twitter account for updates.


These items are essential to make the most out of the addon


These food items are needed to tame and breed the creatures in the addon. Different treats work on different mobs, so try play around with them and see

  • Berry Treats
  • Grassy Treats (tall grass and grass also works)
  • Leafy Treats (all types of leaves work)

  • Rooted Treats (Beetroots and Carrots can also be used)

  • Flesh Treats (any meat thats not chicken works)
  • Fish Treat (salmon also works)

Command Staff

This item is required to utilize the special abilities of your mount. Use it while riding to see what happens!


aka the main attraction of this addon 😀


The Tyrannosaurus can be found in the plains or mountains. It’s neutral most of the time, but every once in a while it will attack anything it deems to be food. In order to tame it, you need to find a baby and give it flesh treats.

Once tamed, its command staff ability is to let out a roar that will knock back most mobs and destroy blocks weaker than wood!


The Stegosaurus can be found in plains biomes grazing alongside other Stegosauruses. Don’t aggravate it because it is capable of killing most mobs in one hit. They can be tamed with berry treats, rooted treats, and grassy treats.


The Dodo is essentially a dumb chicken except that it doesn’t drop any eggs. You can just put them in a pen and breed them with berry treats.

Their meat however is quite special. When cooked, they will grant you absorption.


The Triceratops is a friendlier version of the Stegosaurus, like, you can go pat them in the wild. Don’t aggravate them because they’re quite fast and will not take you lightly. They can be tamed with berry treats, rooted treats, and grassy treats.

Once tamed, their command staff ability is to go into a rage mode where they will be faster and can charge into blocks weaker than wood and mobs, as demonstrated in this video


Utahraptors can be either found in packs hunting or hiding in the forests. Pack leaders may activate their pack buff that will give its pack members swiftness and strength. Though very aggressive, you can make them trust you by giving them flesh treats.

Taming them is a different story. You have to go to a forest and find a baby, and give it flesh treats.

Once tamed, you can power jump way higher than a horse would, and you can even pounce onto other mobs. You can even use the pack buff ability for yourself, as demonstrated in this video:

Other things to note

The vanilla help section has been replaced with a handy guide to the addon, so be sure to read it every now and then!

Changelog View more
  • Added a new command staff ability for the utahraptor
  • Wild Utahraptor pack leaders will use the pack buff ability upon detecting a target
  • Spawn rates for Utahraptor packs has been reduced
  • Utahraptors (and baby utahs) will now spawn in jungle biomes
  • Baby Utahraptors are no longer capable of climbing
  • Delayed attack of Tyrannosaurus is now changed to 0.2 seconds
  • You can now summon baby versions of the mobs with commands. Just type /summon rift: ~ ~ ~ rift:spawn_as_baby in chat
  • The dummy mob used for summoning Utahraptor packs now has a name
  • Fixed Dodo Meat (raw and cooked) not being accepted by carnivorous dinos

changed featured image so that it will get accepted for submission


Before downloading please note that this was built for latest betas, so if ur on the official release I probably can't help out.


Supported Minecraft versions


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70 Responses

5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Guest-9057274970 says:

    I love this addon, very fun to screw around with, but two dinosaurs I would love to see added would be the spinosaurus and some sort of large sauropod like brachiosaurus or apatosaurus

  2. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome addon dude i love the models and yeah also sound design is top notch and yeah i just did an addon review on my channel good luck on future addons!!! 😀

  3. Guest-9087126263 says:

    Didn’t Work mcaddon is not open my mcpe is open es file explorer and zip not work😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Guest-7516917746 says:

      Este complemento está muy bien hecho pero lo que no me gusto fue que se generan muchos dinosaurios ala ves y te vuelven el survival aburrido por que te enpiezan a matar los utharaptores y Tyrannosaurus, algo que me gustaría que agregarán sería dinos acuaticos y voladores quedaría muy bien en el complemento

      • Guest-5835200245 says:

        This complement is very well done but what I did not like was that many dinosaurs are generated and they make you survival boring because they start killing the utharaptores and Tyrannosaurus, something that I would like to add would be aquatic and flying dinos would be very well in the snap

  4. Guest-2052255545 says:

    this gives me real fossils and archeology vibes if you could update them please stay true to this style

  5. Guest-7892465116 says:

    i just hope you make them better models soon, but awesome addon!

  6. Guest-7912020390 says:

    Pls add aquatic dinosaurs

  7. Wailin says:

    nice addon!

  8. Guest-8958032079 says:

    How do i tame the animals? It isnt working for the t-rex at least.

  9. Guest-7732406225 says:

    add blocks

  10. Guest-3908497421 says:

    hi, i would like to ask if you could add some lesser known dinosaurs like: deinocheris, concavanator, icthyovenator, cryolophosaurus, and yutyrannus. Thank You!

  11. Guest-8209752661 says:

    Can you add a monolophosaurus plz

  12. Guest-6158290258 says:

    Total Ark Dossier Vibes from this. But looks great.
    Idk what happened, but dino addons are popping up all over and I like it.

  13. Guest-3426817441 says:

    This reminds me of the fossils and archaeology mod. Also, tyrannosaur skin has been found, and the Tr.Rex did NOT have feathers. Ither than that, great addon.

    • Guest-3231783836 says:

      Actually, the male t rex has been discovered to have FEATHERS. It’s the female that is unfeathered

      • Guest-7096489014 says:

        No there is no evidence for that.T.rex skin is like duck-bill skin a palaeontologists even stated that some duck-billed skin impressions may have been misidentified.

    • Guest-2257177479 says:

      the trex did have feathers you mental potato

      • Guest-2638506149 says:

        No it didn’t and if you happen to read the reply to the other person above then you’ll find out why.

    • Guest-5317642296 says:

      Tyrannosaurus had feathers,but not penaceous feathers like birds, skin only has knobs if it is penaceous feathers,but skin doesn’t have knobs if it’s simple hair-like feathers,and large tyrannosaurs had hair like feather filaments.

    • bruh can you guys stop arguing, this isnt meant to be scientifically accurate to begin with. all the models of the mobs are based on my preference :/

    • Guest-8860110483 says:

      It still wont allow me to open the file in mc still something is wrong with the file wont work for mobile

  14. M.M.16 player says:

    Can you add the spinosaurus next update? it should spawn naturally at swamps.

  15. Guest-4583976222 says:

    reminds me so much of ark! i love it!!

  16. FavoriteAnimal says:

    Please add other Dinosaurs☺

    • Guest-4743402719 says:

      This really a nice addon and the command staff is very cool and i love it. when i can so then i would like to help you to make new Models dor the dinosaurs but i cant i dont have a PC

      But I hope the addon will be the best

  17. Waffl says:

    This reminds me of Durango:Wildlands RIP 🙁

  18. Guest-6811661945 says:

    How to download it

  19. Guest-6360402306 says:


  20. Irish Jevil says:

    Yaaaaaaaayyy! Scientifically accurate! And this art style goes really well with the raptor and albertosaurus addons. I”d love to see the new spino in this!

  21. Diamondplays says:

    Cool addon, please add spinosaurus’ please

  22. Guest-9429693921 says:

    No sirve

  23. kingofdrago123 says:

    heyy it’s me XD i need those dodos in my survival addon world XD

  24. Guest-3047532178 says:

    Where’s the mosasaurus

  25. Guest-8172479582 says:

    wheres the famous parasaurolophus dinosaur
    and wheres the famous brachiosauruus
    but dont be mad im just thinking about, ad more dinosaurs next okay

  26. Guest-7657916068 says:

    When I see that this addon needs expirmental gameplay to play the dinosaurs

    Me: *cries in realm*

    • Guest-9609549765 says:

      Oops I ment tane but still make a realm version were u use normal mc foods to tame pls it looks like a really cool addon

  27. Guest-9452384172 says:

    it tells me you can’t open the file

  28. Guest-7850165557 says:


  29. Guest-9646978612 says:

    The link told me that it cannot be opened

  30. Guest-7326795190 says:

    You should make it so you can breed hybrids like other addons also you should make a dodorex

  31. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Cool 💙💙

  32. Red Fan says:

    This Addon is for prehistoric creatures, not dragons. There are other addons on this site that add dragons.

    • Guest-9882356179 says:

      Then get the addon that addon dragons. Seems like you literally haven’t seen like 5-10 addons about prehistoric that are easy to find in this site.

  33. Red Fan says:

    This Addon is for prehistoric creatures, not dragons. There are other addons that add dragons.

  34. Guest-6938216717 says:

    Como descargo el complemento??

  35. Guest-9130286933 says:

    pls for 1.14

  36. Guest-1102095700 says:

    How im install the addon

  37. Guest-7134767963 says:

    how i download the addon

  38. Guest-2325720429 says:


  39. Guest-6788449312 says:

    FIRST 😀 (cool addon btw)

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