Published on October 09, 2023

Presence Footsteps BE

Do you want New Stepping Sounds?

That's what this sound pack Does!

This Sound pack is an Unofficial Port of "Presence Footsteps" mod made by S0llace

This Sound pack Changes the Stepping sounds for certain blocks...

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There's only one thing that can be written here...

First Release!



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love this pack
I was expecting this to add unique sounds to more blocks like the mod does (which is possible to do with resource packs alone) but this just changes the existing sounds without adding new ones. I'm a little underwhelmed.
What did you meant as "possible" is actually "not possible"
Adding new sounds for each blocks included in those categories is not possible
The game doesn't provides separated sounds for them, changing the sounds for one of the blocks will also change the sounds for the other blocks in the same category

Only the blocks that added from new versions like 1.16 to 1.20 has separated sounds, your expectation is possible to be made here
But the blocks that mentioned in this addon page came from old version of the game, exactly the game version that does not provide separated sounds for them that able to make your expectation possible

Even the resource pack alone has it's own limitations of possibilities than java, including your expectation

Summary, tried to make it with the most possible way but the result says it is not possible
Yeah my bad. I thought I saw another pack add new sounds using only resource packs. But on further investigation, you're right and I'm sorry. And either way, this pack is pretty good. I like to combine it with realistic texture packs for a unique experience.