PVP MiniGames

PVP Minigames! A world where there are bunch of different pvp games! Such as Kit PVP, 1v1 pvp and quick pvp! You can either play with your friends or you can just play the chill-parkour by yourself

This map took about 3 months with bunch of breaks between them.

Introduction: this is my first map ever uploaded to MCPEDL, support thanks.


Kit PVP is epic. Get emeralds from the map and use them for kits! We have about 7 kits for you to buy! Different easter eggs and bunch of fun abilities you can use!

if the emerald generator is not working, type this command with cheats on: /setblock -299 1 294 sand

1v1 pvp is basicly 1v1 pvp! 1v1 your friends to find out whos the best pvp player! We have 4 kits that are free to use and we be applied for both you and your opponent!

Quick pvp is in a arena where everyone can either use their own kit or just the free kit you will get when enter the arena! When you leave quick pvp you will have to jump off the world which means you will lose all your stuff!

read Playing Guides and have fun!

Social Media / Contact

Youtube: Blockcity4k

Twitter: @Blockcity4k

Xbox: exlodingtnt805

gmail (for bug reports and more) : [email protected]

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Corrected my email address from 3107047095 to him3107047095 in the new change log


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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8 Responses

4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Variety8 says:

    Hey just so you know, if you try to sleep in a bed at the kitpvp arena that persons spawnpoint will be set there, so maybe replace the beds with some carpet maybe?

  2. Hybrid says:

    This sucks I tried twice and it failed

  3. blockcity4k says:

    to all of you who can’t import the world in, I am really sorry. I tried to fix it after you guys send the report to me, but it just wont work! sorry for all the *big word*

  4. Q says:

    Import to Windows 10 always fails.

  5. Bill says:

    Really great.Me and my brother had loads of fun using it.

  6. DISISSPURTO says:

    Import failed :,(

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