Published on October 02, 2020 (Updated on October 09, 2021)


This PvP pack is for me and for everyone.

I created this pack with effort, hardwork, determination and sweat. I added, updated, fixed and removed other stuff here. Some textures are not mine such as the skybox, the boat model and the font. I would be happy if you enjoy using this pack. Subscribe to my yt channel too, just search "Cyberterf".

So I cleaned PvPTerf and made it cooler. This version of PvPTerf will last long unlike the previous versions PvPTerf that updates every 2-4 months. I removed the images of the first version of this pack so that you can just see the latest one.

PvPTerf V6 screenshots↓

Ores and Ore blocks:




Armor items:


Pumpkin blur:


Deepslate ores:



Water and Lava:

The Nether:



Soul fire:


Thanks to OTZ /The Octazen 

For the gui and ui


Credits in files

Changelog in files





You are not allowed to showcase this pack without credits.

Select version for changelog:


Added new textures 

Adding splash texts failed so it wont be ingame 

Full changelog in files.


Zip file:

Download the zip file                                         

 Extract the zip file                                             

 Go to com.mojang then paste the pack in resource_packs

Open Minecraft and activate it on Global Resources.


Mcpack file:

Open Minecraft

Then open the file to import the pack              

Activate the pack in Global Resources                                                               


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
its a great pack, only problem is the inventory, to be a good pvp pack the inventory should be clear
I can make a new icon for you if you want, I am talking about the "Minecraft Bedrock Edition" image.
hey can you send me the link beforet the v3 version of the pack? cuz i like the armors... pls :/
I actually lost it but im going to make another textures of armors.
When I try to download it says invalid zip archive. How do I fix this?
I have the same problem too ill try dont worry V4 is near.
I dont like the style of the armor,minecraft style outline is colored and darker than base color,i recommend u to using minecraft default style.

my english bad :(

Note:if you want to make a pack do it with 1 style,in ur pack the style is random
This is just my opinion :)
can you at least credit me for the damage color overlay since you quite literally copy and pasted all my render controllers
This pack is really good, I enjoyed using it!
Yo Man This Looks Really Gud! 10 / 10 Keep It Up!!! :D