Published on December 20, 2020 (Updated on January 25, 2023)

Rainbow Lucky Block Addon

This addon adds Rainbow Lucky Blocks to your Minecraft world.

When ever you break the Rainbow Lucky Block, you can receive some amazing loot, but if your unlucky, you may get trapped and killed.

You can use this addon to make your survival worlds more fun, or maybe you can make some minigames with it such as Lucky Block Sky Wars and Lucky Block Wars!

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Added 1.19.x as a supported minecraft version

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There is a mcpedl download link down to the original link use that!
i would post the link but he disabled that
this is worse than asking for shoutout, guys don't download it
bro send a direct link omg...
Can you make a direct access link, when I tried to download it it downloaded some kind of weird game instead of the mod.
Can't download it my antivirus automatically deleted it
SpaghettisANDPotatoes December 20, 2020 at 8:16 pm
Suggestion: the next lucky block you make has custom drops like a zombie named 'Jack' who is wearing pink, enchanted armor or something. I'm still looking for a lucky block that does that.