Rank Beater 14 (Update 1.2)

Do you like grinding games, yet don't like that too many grinding games are just mining simulators? Then you've came to the right place! It doesn't mean that this map has no mining, but it's not the focus!

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  1. Fixed Dungeons Softlocking Players at floor 3 (Crawling Update Incompatibility)
  2. Changed some outcomes of crates
  3. Slightly changed the fishing cave
  4. The pond in the fishing cave made deeper allowing treasures to be fished up
  5. Fixed Events triggering in dungeons (However it'll still trigger after 30 minutes inside the dungeon without leaving)
  6. Made 2 fishing ranks easier (They were too tedious)
  7. Made pufferfishes useful by allowing them to be traded for 1 raw cod and 1 raw salmon
  8. Fixed Players spawning in prestige 1
  9. Quality of Life Feature: Leaves and Logs that are too high above the ground will be automatically removed (They will not drop to reduce lag)
  10. Fixed booster buffs disabling itself at certain amount of booster used (Typo in the command)

Known Bugs:

11. Some ranks with a shulker box  submission do not work (Tried fixing)

To fix:

  1. Turn yourself into survival mode
  2. Break into the wall of the rank cell with ranks
  3. Take out the shulker box on the LEFT dispenser
  4. Place and break said shulker box
  5. Return the shulker box into the dispenser
  6. Hit "Submit Rank ?-?"
  7. Turn yourself back to adventure mode

12. Over-enchanted Books from divine rewards can only be enchanted on fresh new tools (Cannot be fixed by me)



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there is a bug when submitting for rank 3-3 you need to try submitting to rank 3 - 3 pls this bug makes the game unplayable
I mistyped a single digit... Fixed in the next patch (aka a day)
Note to mobile players: If you are trying to import another structure into the same world, a structure behavior pack must be used to avoid naming conflict. You can get a template at (this pack is not mine, tutorial included, credits in the video)
This comment has been removed
What? There's nothing below the "Downloads" area?
yeah I use the app and It write "no available file to download"
It's laggin' so much.I couldn't even get time to try it out! Ig it needs performance for low devices like mine...
i aint lagging might just be u
not lagging either
Thanks for you feedback! I might try to slow down crates, but that might cause the system to be slower.
Edit: It's not crates, it's glowing signs.
I call it crates n I'm not changin my mind!!!!! Also slow or fast It's the same. -_-
I tested removing crates from the equation and it did not make the game any smoother
"Your feedback"
This map is so good!! Big server hosted like the hive or cubecraft need to take notes for their next mini game! Also I went to spectator mode and see behind the cell there's a lot of command blocks. Maybe that's why it's laggy when you're in the cell.
Is it above ground or underground? I might take a look into it. Also thanks for playing!
The slimeball command block in the shop doesn't work, it says slimeball but it should say slime_ball in the command, it's pretty simple to fix i just thought you should know