RAYLord Symphonia BETA 5

RAYLord Symphonia [BETA 4] is a texturepack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition inspired by the default textures of Minecraft, that brings a beautiful and smooth changes of your weapons, food and more.

Your gameplay will now be more pleasing to your eyes!

RAYLord Symphonia is in BETA, coming soon be add more blocks and items…

Preview of RAYLord Symphonia Beta 5 (Video)

Your battles, mining, fishing and more are now very smooth with this texturepack!

Blocks and Water:

Renewed Tools and Armors!

Food and Entities!

Healt bar, hunger bar, armor bar, and UI!



-Using a different link in your review is prohibited, please use the link of MCPEDL. Is my work and this took time.

-it is forbidden to use elements of this pack for personalized texturepacks

If you respect, you will receive respect.

You have a problem? contac me: [email protected]

Speak to me in English or Spanish.

Changelog View more


-More clear Water!

-Nether basic blocks are changed!

-Cobblestone and Obsidian are Changed!

-Stripped logs are changed!

-New enchanted effect.

-A lot of misc. items are changed.

-Smooth healt bar. pumpkin hunger bar and new armor bar!

-Basic changes in the UI.



- Design of pickaxes, axes, shovels and hoes are renewed!

-Changes in color of diamond items and armors.

-Changes in wood planks tones.

And more...

Thank You!

Wrong download links be updated now (Exeio to Adfly).

Apologize for the inconvenience


-Stone and bedrock

-Wooden logs





-Books and paper!



-And more!


-Bat Joined the chat

-Squid Joined the chat.

-Armor Stand Joined the chat.


-Grass color upgrade

-Upgrade a lot of tools (Bucket, sword, etc)

-And more bugfixes!


Planks, dirt, grass and grass path


Wolf Joined the chat


-Potions, name tag, mutton, nether star, and more.


-Leather armor bugfix

-Removed Herobrine

In this beta be add a Netherite armor, weapons and tools!

I repair a lot of errors in a textures.

Coming soon more things!

I Made a chance for the descripción which was wrong (Sorry for the imprecise English).


Supported Minecraft versions




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25 Responses

4 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Cool textures! I really like them, hope you’ll continue to make them😃😃😃😃

  2. Animartin says:

    Simplemente el mejor texture pack de bedrock

  3. Guest-6694919099 says:

    The link doesnt work:(

  4. Guest-6117838996 says:

    This is exactly what I needed! A small texture pack that makes a big change but still stays simple like Minecraft! Armor is my favorite.

  5. Guest-4573498923 says:

    Would actually be god if the LINK actually worked. just sent me to random sites

  6. Guest-6619906979 says:

    For some reason the link isn’t working for me but don’t worry I’m not blaming you! 🙂
    The texture pack looks really good and it’s the type of texture pack I’ve had in mind but no one has made it. Anyway good job!

  7. AracelyPinkRose says:

    you could bring a texture pack doing only the anime, and wolves kawaii?? Please??? I would greatly appreciate it! I like the style of the wolves! Please bring a texture pack of that!

  8. Guest-3455287833 says:

    Hello, I want create a new amor for Minecraft, but I don’t know how create, what app you recommend me? I am new in this, and nobody want to help me, I not very good in the English because not is the lenguage of my countrie

  9. Guest-6986593756 says:

    make a better ad link stop posting on adfly

  10. Guest-1846583670 says:

    Has the new nether blocks been changed??

  11. Guest-2182234061 says:

    The weapons dont look like the one in the pictures and it keeps downloading this pack with werid symbols on it

  12. Guest-9580834823 says:

    can you make it so that the leather armor looks like Wooden Armor and its like overgrown with twigs everywhere?

  13. Villagerman says:

    Good work!

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