Published on February 28, 2024 (Updated on March 31, 2024)


Razing hell is a simple wave game (Little command block usage). Its mods include: Absolute guns, And that is it lol. Razing Hell takes place in the Nether and a lab. (pls comment if you find any bugs) Btw, this is an endless game, there is no end too it lol. SKINN!!!!!! Credits to: Crazyontaco

  BIG THANKS TO AzozGamer936

He made the absolute guns 2 3D

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Updated the installation.

Fixed some more bugs

Changed the world download (It was very old lol)

Btw when you die you might have to use /gamemode @s creative to find the command block to tp you back to the lab.



  • AbsoluteGunsR.mcpack (1.48 MB)
  • RAZINGHELL1.mcworld (3.37 MB)
  • absoliuteB.mcpack (1.08 MB)

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