Published on June 06, 2023 (Updated on June 05, 2023)

Real sky

Real Sky is a mod available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is compatible with all versions of Minecraft and was created by Game King 5678. This mod enhances the in-game sky, making it look more realistic and immersive.

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In the latest update of the Real Sky mod, several exciting features have been introduced. First and foremost, there is a significant improvement in the battle graphics, adding more visual intensity and realism to combat scenarios.

Another notable enhancement is the reduction in file size. The mod creators have worked diligently to optimize the mod's code and assets, resulting in a smaller file size without compromising the overall quality of the mod

Overall, this latest update of Real Sky brings improved battle graphics, reduced file size, and an updated description, enhancing the overall experience of the mod and making it more enjoyable for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition players.



  • Real_Sky_by_GameKing5678.mcpack (2.31 MB)
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