Published on December 03, 2023 (Updated on February 15, 2024)

Realistic Survival 0.1 Fix Update

Hi I am ZorroCraft from India, if you're looking for realistic feeling this addon only for you. It give you thrust bar if you can't drinking water you will be die.

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  • Fixed double glass bottle glitch
  • Set 10 purified bottle add Starter Resources
  • Remove Temperature bar


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Please update to 1.20.60
Don't worry, It's still work with 1.20.60
add a sight bar when looking at the sun for too long the player goes permanently blind
When I drink from the bottles they give at the beginning they double, is that normal? It would be nice if you added a canteen
; Edit

I tested it and found a little strange thing, the temperature sphere It hinders the xp level because it sits on top of it. Oh, and dying instantly from thirst is cruel. It would be so much kinder to do constant damage and weakness until you get water.
; I have more things to say. Thirst goes down very quickly, lasting less than nine minutes. It is consuming two points at a time.Drinking unfiltered water causes instant damage which is insane. It could make you nauseated and consume life and hunger points.
; It's a lot of fun trying to survive but instant death doesn't make sense. (This is the first time I use this type of addon, sorry)
I agree with this instant death is too cruel and unrealistic