Published on May 30, 2023 (Updated on June 18, 2023)

Recovery Compass HUD v-1.20

Resource pack that adds compasses and clock on screen.  (Compatible with version 1.20)

  • Add the Clock: You can see on the screen at all times if it is day or night, even when you are in dark caves, the clock will indicate if it is day or night on the surface.
  • Add Compass: You will be able to check the spawn point of the world, at all times, by following the compass needle.
  • Add Recovery Compass: You will never lose your stuff again because you don't know where you died, since the recovery compass will point you to the point of your last death. (Compatible with version 1.20)

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  • Recovery Compass onscreen.  (Compatible with version 1.20). Assignment of another #item_id_aux.
  • He adjusted

Known issues:

Possibly in future updates there will be changes in the ID of the items, so this version of the resource pack could stop working correctly.



  • Recovery_Compass_HUD_1.20.mcpack (89.48 KB)
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  • Recovery_Compass_HUD(1.19.70 to 1.19.83).mcpack (89.31 KB)

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can you make a sub-pack with just the recovery compass, please?
The mod is good, but when using it with some behavior packs, the recovery compass disappears or turns into something else like a campfire, what do I do, or is it a bug
good texture
rodrigo_gamesvordex June 09, 2023 at 12:21 pm
In place of the respawn compass, there is a boat icon with a chest, what should I do?
Download version 1.20:
This is such a W thanks for making this its always helpful to have this
Umm bro did you get permission to send this becouse this is my texture pack hud content (my json code)?
Please, specify the matches, since I got the codes by trial and error more than 6 months ago and then I modified them with the new versions.
plagiarism? Is this what plagiarism is??