Redstone and Command Creations

Hi. There are many redstone and command creations. Just download my and try my creations if there is problem then comment me. I hope you will enjoy my map.


What’s New: Added cool NBT stuff

•Custom sign

If this is stopped then put a redstone block in the corner

•Floor crafting

Just take a netherite sword and a nether star from the chest or from your inventory and then drop the 2 items and then see…

•3×3 piston door

•Modern hotel

This hotel not included any redstone and command blocks.

•Working big furnace

•Cinema hall (Redstone)

In the cinema hall there are many things like main power switch, it can turn off every lights in the cinema hall. And working fire alarm switches.

• Hidden stare case (Redstone)

•Modern House (Not Completed yet)

• Automatic Redstone Bridge

When you tap the button the bridge will open and it will close automatically in few seconds.

and there are some temporary creation near to the hub.

And many other creations…

This is the teleport hub. You can teleport from here to the creations.


Note: One of my elevator creation is not working 😔😋😔😔

This is not a regular flat world It’s ground level is 32

And this is a Jungle biome. This Custom terrain is created by Blocktopograph

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Changelog View more

° Added Steve spawn egg, lightning Spawner, op steve and some pranks.

° Little change in hub design.

° Fixed a little

° Added rate please

° Added Steve spawn egg, lightning Spawner, op steve and some pranks.

° Little change in hub design.

° Fixed a little

• More details were added

• Particles of the hub were removed because of lag.

• Fixed some issues.

- Updates

-Fixed small things

- Added  more detailed machines

- More design 

- fixed some bugs

° Nothing change in hub

° fix the piston door 

°fixed the floor crafting

Fixed some bugs

Fixed the 3×3 piston door

Fixed some hub issue 👍😁

• Cinema hall lift is fixed

•Hub design

•No. No. mokskdkd jdjd djdja

°I have the piston door which sometimes does not work

•I have fixed some laggy bugs 


•Click the link.

•It will take you to mediafire website.

•Download the .mcworld file.

•And then import it to Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Oskdoxkksmakska says:

    Please don’t copy and paste stuff and claim you built it

  2. RISALZI says:

    Good bro,you are pro than me about redstone,nice map and creation XD

  3. HypnoVoxels says:

    I loved this map.

  4. Needyllama says:

    Anybody caann plsss help me to built the hide and seek command system plss 😭😭😭

  5. Needyllama says:

    What?? I made it my selff some of the builds made my friends

  6. Spyguy10078 says:

    Bro please don’t copy build from apps 😉

  7. Spyguy10078 says:

    Bro needyllama I know your needy but don’t go on others submission say to see your is nice but still don’t ^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^

  8. Needyllama says:

    I’m also made many other nbt creations and now I’m making a sandrun minigame just like tnt run but no tnt and no pressure plates

  9. Needyllama says:

    Thank u Ur map also very nice

  10. Needyllama says:

    But blynkz you are more proo at redstone than me

  11. Needyllama says:

    Thank you thank you thank you

  12. Needyllama says:

    By the way did you like my profile pic.

  13. Nathan590 says:

    Nice Map i am a very good builder in minecraft i should start learning how to make that house.

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