Published on February 06, 2024

Redstone Walthrough Map

Do you want to learn about Redstone? If you want to learn the concept about Redstone then this map is for you. You can also learn about Redstone components, interaction and more...

This map is created by: Villageraddons9922

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I must to write a changelog because the new files in the submission only allows me to save it as draft

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  • Redstone_Walthrough_Map.mcworld (1.29 MB)

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This comment has been removed
Ok, then I'll test the map again and fix the error
I recently tested the map in the new version 1.20.60 released today, and the map worked without problems, try updating your minecraft to the most recent version and you can also tell me what version you have.

If you have a beta version, it is likely that it will not work due to the requirements that the map needs.
At this point you should think about getting a new and proper device, just saying