Published on April 17, 2024 (Updated on May 12, 2024)

Reinforced Armor V2 (Trim Update)

This addon is the part of my addon "vanilla armor expanded" For you who only wanted the reinforced part only you can download the original addon for more items!  

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⚙️ 2 New Armor Set Reinforced Chainmail Armor & Reinforced Turtle Armor

🛠️ You can now trim your armor!

🔧 Fix the netherite armor recipe

🔧 Minor bug fixes


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Can you change the requirement for downloading the addon files? I don't think people will want to download an entirely new browser to get an addon.
there’s no files to download
que tal amigo, soy desarollador de servidores de minecraft, y me interesan muchos tus addons, ay una manera de poder contactarte y hablar un poco en privado?
is this compatible with other mods?
the comment on the guy below me makes sense please make em it's a great add-on 9.5/10 cuz reinforced tools would be great too
you could add new ores and new armor or even create a combination of ores and thus create new, stronger armor, or since you created reinforced armor you could create reinforced tools as well