Republic of Lexie City 1st Anniversary

This map was under development for now, but you can have enjoy it with your friends or just by yourself and you can suggest me for more structures or something.

This map is under development, but you can have to enjoy it with your friends or by yourself and also this map was made from the creator of Republic of Clion City

Map Information:

This City map where you can visit and it looks very simple and peaceful and there are Houses Far away from the city by the way there are two cities in one map

This map was my second project and it was founded in October, 18, 2019 and I do it on my OPPO A37f device.

This map was taken too long for 7 months of it (including the delay) but I know you like it and enjoy…

Cities :

  • 1. LEXIE CITY – Capital but in low area there are hospitals, TV Network and the city hall ( I will build a capitol hall soon)
  • 2. SERENITY CITY – in high where you can find a school and more buildings will rise soon

Upcoming Structures (It will take a long time but some of them are being recorded)

  • 1. Mall
  • 2. Capitol Hall
  • 3. TV studio
  • 4. Factories
  • 5. Modern Houses (Far away from the city)
  • 6. Simple Houses (Far away)
  • 7. And more buildings to build on..


Thanks to CODANRAIGENXXI for letting me use Road Stuff add-on for this map

Features and Advantage:

  • -I add more structures and houses 
  • -Adding Roads to have a good trip also if you ride with a vehicle
  • – Over 20 Structures are built in this map and some of them are under development
  • – Had a road signages on it but not fully 

Disadvantage :

  • -Theres a structure block and I can’t remove it but I wasn’t cheating anyway

Why I’m using structure blocks?

I used structure blocks sometimes for other buildings and roads and it doesn’t mean I’m a cheater and please respect me by using it because it’s just useless if I never do it and I remove the structure block after placed

Snapshots (More snapshots below)

NOTE Before you download:

You should not be angry if I add sub to unlock link because if you want to subscribe me to my YouTube channel to support me and for more updates but it take more time to upload on it.


Here’s some videos you may like: (I’ll add more videos about this map especially my creative build tutorials so you can try it at your world but just put a credit)

And Please Don’t do something bad to my videos

Here’s the 2-Part Video

Here are some videos so you can watch it

More snapshots:

Here’s the overall areas that I built for over 1 year


If you want to have a new structure or something like build anything there, please reply me on Twitter

Twitter: https:/

Changelog View more
This map is now on it's first anniversary
  • Add an High school
  • Add just few Improvements
  • And Upcoming Structures will rise
  • Add more snapshots
  • Add new structures
  • Extending more roads and structures
  • Add the download guide

Add new structure and Some of them are can be viewable

- Added Extensions of Roads

- Add Five and more structures

Add an another download option so you can choose an link which is better for you if you don't like the first download option.

- Just Only Improvement road extension

- More Features Coming Soon in next update

- Improvement of areas

- Road Expansions and New development and structure coming soon

- improving of some roads

- Adding more structures

- Adding Road Signs 

- More Features and Buildings will coming up soon...

- Improvement of buildings and structures

- Extending roads but other roads are under development

-Adding Few changes and Improvements of the map for good and better gameplay

-Those Link are purely safe and Monetize to Suppor my creations


By Installing and using of this Addon you may agree the Terms and Conditions:

  • -Review it for your Youtube(please give me a credit using @rmplaysmc_yt, including the channel link)
  • -You should include this MCPEDL link to your video
  • -This is free to build anything on my map
  • -build anything for personal use, unless you submitted me a building you made on my Twitter


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)

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  1. I saw the new simple vehicle pack icon on Instagram from over a day ago. Is it possible that the pack would be released since it is already late October?

  2. What about the simple vehicles?

  3. Soft Mistbun says:

    Your map is awesome but i would like to suggest some builds add a police station an airport,restaurant,mall,church,park and a school your map is great to roleplay in it ayways MABUHAY PHILIPPINES!!

  4. Guest-4301852924 says:

    There is an idea for your map: add an airport not very bear to the city, and add a military base, far from the city and the airport

  5. Guest-8690292052 says:

    The future is not the same but it cannot was a great day to come over here to my car I will meet soon as y’all get there .

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