Published on November 16, 2021 (Updated on December 23, 2021)

Chef Simulator

Welcome New chef to your restaurant from here on out its a fresh start with all of the bottom of the barrel, furnaces to basic food choices its your job to upgrade and improve the restaurant!


You will play as a chef and upgrade your items and unlock more and diffrent items/foods  the picture above is the restaurant and its environment (outside) 

This is your kitchen where you will mostly be working, with the freezer is also here consists with a sink a furnaces a chest, and a deep fryer. All useable and interactable with!

This is the upgrade room where you can unlock and discover more foods, or upgrades for your appliances.

Your home is where you go back after every shift to rest up and head back to work as your home improves every day you return or discover a-...

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Major fix you can properly play the game now

Added more days to go home (10 Days)

Adding Endings soon


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4.57 / 5 (7 votes)
Very Good Game! But I've had major bugs;
- On the second shift, on the second customer, It didn't show what what he wanted. I tried to give him pork anyway, but didn't work.
- And after done with the first shift, i'm at my house, but I couldn't do anything in there. I couldn't leave
I had the same issues but I thought it was because I was playing with my brother and that the map was made for 1 player
Glad you had fun! And thanks for reporting these. I will attempt at fixing this sorry!
What bowl can use? Can you make more food?
So just realize that there is no crafting table so u might have to add one, I am going to fix it.
i love it! keep it up bro :D
I love the concept! Because I have never seen some sort of upgrading/tycoon thing in Minecraft maps as they are not simple to do at all, unlike at Roblox. So I really love the hard work and effort put into this from the commands, and to the map design itself. One problem though is at some point while you're playing, it bugs out and the villagers don't tell you what they want to order. Because of that, whatever food you give them they won't be able to accept. I rejoined one time and it worked, but at the second time it happened, nothing worked anymore. So that was a bummer, but still giving it a good rating.
Thanks for playing! Although I'm still trying to get 1.2 out right now I have realized and fixed that problem, Hope you had fun.
Pretty cool map, but i’ve had 2 issues
-when i begin the game, im in creative with a barrier block in my hand
-there is mutton in the freezer in the beginning of the game
Thanks for informing me I fixed the creative and barrier issue! Thanks
Hello, this is my first public map so any bugs/glitched or just the over all performance of the game let me know.
What bowl can use? Can you update more food?
Hi :)
I really enjoyed your map. It was really fun and you seem good at command blocs