road craft V1.3 (Artificial Intelligence Update 1.20.81)

Are you thinking about building a city or you have a city and want to add streets, traffic lights, and special barriers? Well, this addition will help you, providing you with streets, traffic lights, barriers, and everything you need for the streets of your city, as well as functionality.

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  • New yellow stripes asphalt have been added
  • Yellow Asphalt is supported by artificial intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence-powered road pavement has been added
  • A road chair has been added. You can change the color to 16 colors using the color brush
  • A new light column has been added
  • A water pump has been added that can be turned on or off
  • The power breaker has been removed


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This is great!! Hope you continue to add to this. I always love modern day content.
Great mod! but. can you make that the traffic light changes every 20 seconds? that would be great
20 seconds is considered a lot of time. Maybe in the next update it will be made 15 seconds as a red signal, then 10 seconds as an orange signal, then 15 seconds as a green signal. If you want this just for you, you can talk to me on Discord and I will adjust it just for you.
Ok Thanks
Can I get your discord?
Yes, comment under any video on YouTube and I will give you the discord link