Roller Coaster Illusionary by PaperScentedRat

Welcome! This map is simpky a rollercoaster, but with an illusion theme. The duration of this cart ride is 2 minutes (It's actually 1 minute and 55 seconds if I'm not wrong, but just round it up I guess...). Firstly, you'll spawn in a box, or just call it a lobby (if you know what I'm talking about, because I'm not so good at explaining stuff). In the lobby, you can see a bridge, that's the part of the cart ride. At the start of the cart ride, you can see chests with minecarts inside. Just take one cart from the chest, place it to the rail, and there you go, just click forward, and enjoy the ride. The cart ride has multiple sections, the sections are mostly inside a pipe (if you know what I mean). At the end of the ride, you'll go out from the underground, ride over the green and white wool pipe, and you'll end up in the same box lobby. I apologize if there is a mistake in the map.

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-Added trees

-Added a stone wall (one side only)

-Added grasses/bonemealed 

-Added the "finish" room

-Extended the ride to make the duration longer (by a minute)

-fixed the wool section




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