Published on September 06, 2023 (Updated on September 05, 2023)

Roxy's Pizzaplex Skinpack

Introducing the Roxy Pizzaplex Skinpack! Step into a world of deliciously daring adventures with this exclusive collection of skins. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the virtual realm, these unique character designs will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Roxy Pizzaplex Skinpack offers a variety of captivating skins, each with its own distinct personality and style. From the fiery and fearless Pizza Guardian to the mischievous yet charming Doughnut Bandit, these skins will bring a burst of excitement to your gameplay.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Roxy Pizzaplex, where every skin is intricately designed to showcase the creativity and imagination of its creators. Transform into a fearless knight of the crust, a stealthy ninja of the toppings, or even a whimsical chef with a touch of magic.

Whether you're battling against foes in an epic quest or simply exploring the vast landscapes of your favorite game, the Roxy Pizzaplex Skinpack will ensure you stand out from the crowd. With its attention to detail and unique character designs, this skinpack is a must-have for any gamer looking to add a touch of excitement and originality to their virtual persona.

So, get ready to slice through the competition, deliver a taste of victory, and become the envy of your gaming community with the Roxy Pizzaplex Skinpack. It's time to unleash your inner gamer and embark on an unforgettable journey in style!






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Version 1.0:

  • Added 10 brand new skins, each with unique designs and personalities.
  • Introduced the Pizza Guardian skin, a fearless knight of the crust who protects the realm of Roxy Pizzaplex.
  • Included the Doughnut Bandit skin, a mischievous character with a knack for stealing tasty treats.
  • Added the Magic Chef skin, a whimsical chef with culinary powers and a touch of magic.
  • Introduced the Topping Ninja skin, a stealthy warrior skilled in the art of pizza toppings.
  • Included the Pepperoni Samurai skin, a master of the blade with a fiery personality.
  • Added the Cheese Wizard skin, a wise and mystical character harnessing the power of cheese.
  • Introduced the Supreme Archer skin, a skilled marksman with a bow and arrow, ready to defend the Pizzaplex.
  • Included the Veggie Sorcerer skin, a magical being with the ability to make vegetables come to life.
  • Added the BBQ Knight skin, a knight clad in barbecue-themed armor, ready to sizzle the competition.
  • Introduced the Sweet Treat Warrior skin, a brave warrior armed with an assortment of sugary weapons.


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