Published on August 02, 2023 (Updated on August 07, 2023)

S.A.S - The Infection [ Adventure Map ]

S.A.S (Special Air Service). This game starts as a research on making super soldier that can resist bullet shots and a strong radiation resistance and immunity, you start as jose before the outbreak started, The rest is up to you....

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Tested and play in 1.19 not test in the new version 1.20 bugs may occur Finalized the mcpedl site and added a yt trailer.


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As a Jose myself I improve this map as a 10/10
BRO THIS IS MASTERPIECE, FOR SURE!! you wrapped it up very nicely 9/10
I think its great kinda hard to come by a Minecraft map that has a decent story and guns included some spelling errors but who cares... 9/10 good job.
Finally a good zombie map but the story is kinda short and there is a lot of misspelling but not bad.
Can't say you're wrong I've been pounded back and forth because of newer updates, and as a single developer its troubling. So im hoping to soon make this map better.