Saber-tooth Tigers Add-on

And you thought they were extinct!! No way. Alive and well. Much better health than you, once they find you. And they will, don’t worry. Actually, do worry, you might live a few more seconds…..

They’ll find you in jungles, during the day, and just to add that little bit of terror to your night times, they’ll find you in extreme hills when it’s dark. But don’t worry, you can tame them! Well, there’s a chance you can tame them, you won’t have arms for long so you better make it quick. You’re probably wondering what you might take the mighty saber-tooth with? Skulls! Of course, skulls. No one said it would be easy.

A wild saber-tooth will go after most animals, particularly the human sort. Pillagers, villagers, witches, players, all on the menu. So are sheep, cows, rabbits, horses (if I remember to fix that). Once tamed, they’ll be nicer to just about everyone. They do like their witches though, so, no mercy for them.

You can definitely breed them, but you’ll definitely need enchanted golden apples. Ouch. Maybe just cheat one in..?

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Balanced a few attributes and made a third variant, slightly larger and a different color.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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20 Responses

4.56 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Beam says:

    Add mammoth plz

    • Guest-6889542830 says:

      Pls add 🐺 direwolves, 🐎 hipparions, πŸ¦“ quagga, πŸƒ aurochs, πŸ— giant wathogs and enetelodons, 🐘 mammoths, 🐻 cave bears and short faced bears, and🦏 woolly rhinos pls!!

    • Guest-9430643745 says:

      Whoops i didnt mean to reply!!

  2. DTech says:


    β€’ Armor for Saber-tooth

    β€’ Saber-tooth is leashable and rideable

    • DTech says:


      β€’ Not gonna attack animal when tamed

      β€’ Feed the tamed baby Saber-tooth to grow (Crouch to make him sit or stand

      β€’ Breedable

  3. The G gaming says:

    MAKE a Tyrannosaurus Rex From Jp/W

  4. ToastMaster911 says:

    If you can, I’d like to see and I’m sure more would like to see many animals from the early to late Pleistocene like adding Mammoths, Ground Sloth, Cave Bear, etc.
    Great add on!

  5. Lili5510 says:

    You never seize to amaze me with your creations!

  6. Arex says:

    Can u add mammoths and elephants next

  7. Sse says:

    Also I have two possible Addon ideas for you: Dire Bear Addon and a Wooly Mammoth Addon. P.S love your addons!

  8. Sse says:

    Nice Addon. Though please resize the Sabertooth so that it is only slightly bigger than the lion from your other Addon as the Saberooth is WAY TOO BIG. Also can you make the direwolves from your other Addon slightly bigger.

  9. gogoUltranan says:

    yus!!! its diego from ice age!

  10. Zoya Spencer says:

    Doesn’t work. It spawns the invisible man for all I know.

  11. Zoya Spencer says:

    What folder this goes in?

  12. Me says:

    The saper tooth is way smaller
    The saper tooth don’t have a long tail
    The saper tooth is thicker that this.

  13. Lili5510 says:

    Nice know ya! XD

  14. I’m dead says:

    Rip me

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