Published on January 19, 2022 (Updated on January 18, 2022)

SABO World

The sabo Map is my world I use when playing on the server, and it plays some game choice options on the inside, and you can use this folder for your server, and play multiplayer with friends.

• There's some NPC in her, and there's multiple game options inside her.

• Survival

• And a few items are Banned here, in anticipation of the player who likes to riot while playing.

• Barter Market You could sell items to earn money, and buy items with money, I created this market, using a pretty complicated command block.

• Tools Area , It's just a prop that can't be picked up and used.

• Quiz Area

• Sky View


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This is my world, you can use this map and play with your friends.


Happy play with your friends


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Can you please not have a dowload not zip l din't know how to open and use the zip please
Yo sama indo kawan. Bagus map nya. Cocok bet untuk survival. Bagus bro