Published on January 28, 2020 (Updated on March 31, 2020)

Salt Addon V2

This is a simple complement, it does not cost me much to do it, add new food, an ore and salt, as I said at the beginning it is a fairly simple complement, this complement will be one of many that I know, in short, enjoy the complement to all those who they get interested.

With the following command you can add to your inventory the new objects that the add-on offers.

If you do not want to add the new objects one by one, use the following command to add all the objects that the direct complement to your inventory

New ore

-Salt ore

Nether Ore

Well now I will show some crafteos of example so that they can know more about this complement.

You can also get salt using the salt block that will be generated worldwide as one more block.

This is an example of how to create an almento with salt in very simple, I have to emphasize that no matter the position where they put the salt or the food will always leave the food with the salt.

Next I will give a list of the edible objects to which salt can be added:

-Beef Cooked

-Chicken Cooked

-Porkchop Cooked

-Salmon Cooked

-Mutton Cooked

-Rabbit Cooked


-Mushroom Stew

-Rabbit Stew

-Fish Cooked



New Food:

-Egg Cooked

-Flesh Cooked

-Bacon Cooked

-Squid Cooked

Video de Explicacion

Select version for changelog:


In this new version of this add-on, the changes were few:

- Added Salt Nether Ore
- Added Salt Bread
- Added Salt Beetroot
- Remove Salt Crumbs

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Plz add fries get by craft baked potato with salt in shapeless
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Plz add fries get by craft baked potato with salt by shapeless
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Aye bud, at the beginning of the addon page, the word you're looking for is "Condiment", not "Complement", And salt is not a condiment, it is a seasoning, Just a quick grammar check.
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no funciona??????
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This is good :D
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The reason its called salt because it only add salt Yeah so dont ask
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¿Es necesario activar el modo experimental?
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TheMinecraft Whale March 25, 2020 at 7:03 am
Si, es necesario.
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Also, I think that it would be better to make the salt texture to look like the vanilla dust textures (redstone dust, gunpowder and sugar).
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Could you add more spices? It would be nicer to have more spices than just salt.
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Muchos dicen que es una idea robada de The More Mod, otros de System Zee, pero yo lo vi, mucho antes, integrado en el mod de New Weapons Plus.
Yo lo uso, e incluye, exactamente el mismo Ore. Aunque no en mismo icono para la sal.
Sea robada la idea o no, se agradece que que la gente siga creando mods, y no sólo pidiendo, casi exigiendo o criticando.
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