Published on November 02, 2021

Sammy's Room (Map) (Horror)

Sammy's Room is a horror map set in an orphanage, where you must find out why there are paranormal events, why there are so strange noises, and above all find out if you're really alone...


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nice sound effects but i expected a lot more after the squid game map. sound effects are literally solo-carrying the entire experience and other than that there is.. nothing else. no antagonist, no clear cut storyline, and the textures aren't even that noteworthy. i know these maps are made by different users from the same team but there really is no excuse since most of the maps by the team are usually of high standards.

hoping for a major update in time to come
also pls do add an english translation option, i mean other maps posted by the team have this so why not this one??
Hola supongo que hablas español y traduciste porqué la página es en inglés
¿Una pregunta el mapa se puede jugar en multijugador?