Samsung V.5.1 (+

Samsung is a most original Minecraft Bedrock Map. Instead of having a huge unrealistic city, there are two countries strongly inspired by Europe. A large modern city but also villages with less than fifty inhabitants, surrounded by a huge wheat field. 

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V5.1 'Airport Update'

  • Size of the map have been reduce to around 120mb (compare to more 300 before this update)
  • Added a big supermarket
  • Change in the addons, with new cars (Mercedes and Peugeot P4), and with a new license plate system that will be introduced on all cars

Change in the airport:

  • A new terminal replace the old one, same for the control tower, the 
  • Added a military base (BA 101)
  • Added plane hangar
  • Added parking spots for plane
  • Added a fuel depot
  • Added a customs office, and a police post
  • Added a (realistic) baggage handling system
  • Added hotels, offices, hangar, and a Mercedes shop
  • Added a new underground parking (P3)


Supported Minecraft versions

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salut as-tu un lien pour tes véhicules FR stp ?
Salut, si t'en veux un envoie moi une demande d'ami sur Discord
salut as-tu un lien pour tes véhicules Français stp ?
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Can you create a second link about your vehicles without the map ?

I hope to hear your reply soon.

Thank you.
“A newer version of the game has saved this level.” “Unable to connect to world.”
You must be in the latest version of the Minecraft Beta 😉
Could you create a second download link of the world without the addons?
Good idea! I will do it soon 😉
Thank you! The only reason why I asked for it is because the map is a pain to extract, so this helps a lot.
Here is the link:

I will update the Mcpedl page within a few days, the link is there pending
Hello please make an new update with the communist dictatorship
I started it in this version, you have in spawn a TP guide to go there
But I'm not very good at builder in the Soviet style
Can you update the map to match it with the recent update? Merci beaucoup!
The map is compatible with all versions released after
What is the vehicle addon you have used?
What is the vehicle addon you have used?
Addons from Mcfl0wer and Vauxhall from Jettacar

All addons information is in the book found in the airport
Guest-2969464624 May 19, 2020 at 9:31 am
It's a very great map.
5 stars, but this map's name is quite misleading because there is already a technology company of the same name (SAMSUNG), so can you please change the name of the map to one that isn't the name of an existing brand or franchise?
I would like to, but I'm just the builder of the map. The one who decides all this is not me. I build, but I don't direct!

Thank you for having liked
Guest-6182960425 May 18, 2020 at 8:49 am
Can you follow me
Guest-7632901065 May 17, 2020 at 7:41 am
Are the maps separted cuz its great if they arent separated
It's not seperated, the countries in in the same map
Fell free to send me here your suggestions for the future of the map