Published on February 18, 2024 (Updated on May 12, 2024)

SankoRooms 1.1 - The Backrooms Addon

This Addon is a replica of a popular creepypasta known as “The Backrooms”. It adds a lot of new features to Vanilla Minecraft. Including Backrooms blocks, Backrooms objects and entities. Also having some normal mod things such as furniture and new weapons. You can build your own Backrooms with this Addon exactly how you want. This Addon will also have updates. Which will add more level blocks, new entities, objects, weapons, furniture, decorations, equipment. So be ready for updates!

Current one is “Version 1.1 - The Main Levels Update”

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Add-on 1.1 Page Update For Main Backrooms Levels.

Version 1.1 Of SankoRooms Add-on. (Updated)
SankoRooms Version 1.1 - The Main Levels Update. There will be more updates on this Addon. 
Added in 1.1:

+New Level Blocks:

“Level 1”

“Level 2”

”Level 3”

”Level The Dark Poolrooms”

+New Entities:

“The Bacteria”


“Male DeathMoth”

“Trading Wanderer”


“Trap Window Entity”

“Partygoer =)”

+New Decoration Blocks

+New Decorations

+New Items and Objects

+New food and more Moth Jelly food varieties

+New Functions

+New Doors

+New Armor

+New Tools and Weapons

+New Furniture

+New Materials:




Updated some Level 0 Textures, Level The Woodrooms textures, Level 0.2 Textures. Updated a lot of item textures and some entity textures. Updated decorations and decorated block textures. 

Some items id’s were corrected.

Fixed some craft recipes and furnace recipes.
Fixed a lot of bugs.

’Admon Note:

There are a lot of updates on this page because it kept deleting photos and texts. So I needed to get back again and again. And then some minor page fixes after I fixed the problem. That’s why It’s currentl Change Log version is 1.1.0 (Dear administrators of mcpedl, please count this as a change log update, if previous Add-on Update text doesn’t counts).

In 1.1.2 changelog I relinked the Addon file and updated it because for some reason it doeanr work for other people. Hope I fixed it. If not white about it down below


Supported Minecraft versions

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Hello! This addon seems really cool, and I wish i could install it, but unfortunately, whenever I try, it says it isn't a valid zip archive. Do you have any idea what this means or how it could be fixed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz allow 1.20.40 and below
Add ceiling noclip blocks
i can't import it to minecraft
And maybe more custom items, blocks, and etcetera to the supply crate’s loot table.
Add Level 4 and Level Fun in v1.2.
I know you are aware of this issue, but I just want to make sure you are aware that it is still apparent.
The zip code file thingy is still not working and i am still unable to get it.
I really hope you can fix it, this addon looks SUPER Good. 👍
Can you let me waterlog the Poolrooms things? Thanks.
Hello I have a complaint everything I try to import minecraft will not appear I have tried to fix it to no amount success.
I updated this addon file today. Try again I hope it works. If not write it here
Yeah it still isn't working I've tried still so I don't know the issue but thank-you I'll try in the next update!
TheDiamondFox7387 May 12, 2024 at 11:25 am
Can you add the hazmat suits?
TheDiamondFox7387 May 12, 2024 at 11:24 am
Will you update this mod? to +1.20.81
Is there a map with this addon, it would be great