Published on May 08, 2024 (Updated on May 07, 2024)

Saturation Texture Pack

Make your Minecraft more beautiful and alive, the Saturation Texture Pack adds more saturated and beautiful colors to the grass and leaves in your world, it just uses Colormap so it is exactly lightweight.

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Is the grass soil of the pink cherry tree biome also saturated?
Hey friend, sorry for the audacity and for the question, but what part of the file must be modified so that the grass of the cherry biome appears saturated, that is, what to place and in what file to do it, I have a saturated texture pack to use personal and I have not been able to do that (that the grass of the cherry biome becomes saturated) :(, if you could guide me on that small issue I would greatly appreciate it
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Sorry, my mistake, I'm very stupid, I got the wrong message, that was about another matter, (I don't speak English and I use Google Translate and I had that message copied and pasted it where it wasn't, sorry) I already corrected my message
Above is my correct question