Saurian Addon (Released 1)

Hello, this is the Saurian Addon based on a game called Saurian a game focus on re-creating the Hell Creek formation. So ye its based on a game and don’t suggests anything please. 

Well, we should start with the Tyrannosaurus rex and here all the stats:

HP: 85 


It will hunt Anatosaurus, Anky, Dakotaraptors and Thescelosaurus also Pachy (no T. rexes don’t hunts full grown trikes) 

Ok new it’s the totally S-tier the Triceratops Porosus 



It not friendly towards players and will attacks Dakotaraptors (T. rexes ignore em so it don’t attacks T. rexes) 

Next up are the master Dakotaraptors (the most annoying thing i ever tested) 



hunts Anatosaurus, Pachy, Thescelosaurus (also hated triceratops like ths rex) 

Then the domed skull Pachycephalosaurus Wyomingenis



Kill Dakotaraptors and run away fron T. rexes

Ok, we have 2 left for now. Well Ankylosaurus wait what’s the species name again?



Will kill T. rexes but uh the T. rexes flipping em so they’re weaklings to T. rexes

The lastly Anatosaurus Annectens 



They’re hadrosaur so not that strong 

Wait we’re missing someone here… Oh the Thescelosaurus. They’re technically low tier so eh 

Ok there’s a known problem when the addon only work in some devices so might try remove these

also remove these in the resources pack(note also remove the fly.animation and the fish.json in the animation folder) 

Changelog View more

Kinda fixed the problem and boi i hope it work


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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36 Responses

4.4 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. OliverTheWolf says:

    This is a very good addon but I recommend raising the health and lowering the damage of some of the Dino’s

  2. The great Q says:

    If you want to make the dinosaurs playable like in saurian, you could try to do so by adding the ability to mount the dinosaurs, except that you are invisible and unkillable while doing so

  3. Matrich says:

    Wait did you used addons maker app for this addon? because those pa particles and bullet png are from that app when you create a addon it also add those random files too

  4. Metal sulvio says:

    speechless best dinosaur addon pro mcpe

  5. Davianortis says:

    This looks really high quality and what you described makes sense about the hunting, I deffinatly will use this on a map (That I will not share unless you allow me to)

  6. Cobra48 says:

    This Mod looks really nice, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I tried experimental gameplay, but it didn’t work. I checked that it was compatible on my device, and it is. Its a shame because this mod looks really nice!

  7. Cobra48 says:

    This Mod looks really nice, but unfortunatly it doesn’t work.

  8. Beam006 says:

    Dinosaur aren’t making any sounds

  9. BlocksAttack3 says:

    When I install the addon nothing happens. No models, no items, no dinosaurs. Almost like the addon wasn’t even installed.
    Is there something I have to set up beforehand for it to work?

  10. *face melts in happiness and proudness*

  11. SuperMetaKnight2020 says:

    Even though the Feathered Trex is Outdated I just want you to add it because I prefer that Design over the other one.

    Maybe it could be a variant or a seprate mob

  12. Beam006 says:

    Where’s denversaurus quetzalcoatlus leptoceratops anzu ornithomimid archeloraptor pectinodon alamosaurus torosaurus and mosasaurus will you add them?

  13. Danniel plays ph 2009 says:

    Yay at last Its released Hey owner Are you a freind of Gaming justin? Btw nice i love it!!!

  14. Zorrkez says:

    nvm models are not even showing and im on beta

  15. Zorrkez says:

    Im giving this a 5 because of the models and because there is a direct download link

  16. VanillaWasEliminated says:

    I like your attitude

  17. auronxr says:

    The links don’t seem to work. When I try to interact with the addon in game, it’s like the add-on did nothing.

  18. alt v2.0 says:

    my other account got deleted so im using another can you add the Gigantotosaurus

  19. The great Q says:

    Ankylosaurus is weaker than tyrannosaurus unacceptable

  20. Zrall says:

    Red and trike models stolen from Mesozoic craft other models look cool though

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