Scaffold Addon/Function Pack

This function pack adds a scaffold command to the game and was tested in both normal Minecraft and Minecraft education edition! This is a function pack so you have to use /function.


  1. Run the command /gamerule commandblockoutput false
  2. Run the command /function scaffold/help
  3. Then it will tell you the instructions, and give you the required things
  4. Follow the given instructions (You may need to open chat to see all of them)
  5. After you set everything up using the instructions, use the command "/function scaffold/on" or "/function scaffold/off" to turn your scaffolding ability on and off!!

Image 1. Help Menu

Image 2. Setup

Image 3. Scaffold!!!

I wasn't able to upload the gif so here is the link to download it:

Notice: This function pack/addon doesn't work on servers unless the server has the addon and you have operator status on that server.

Select version for changelog:

  • Added more images
  • Added a showcase/tutorial gif
  • Added a version to the version list that I had forgotten


Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the .mcpack
  2. Open it in Minecraft
  3. Create a new world with it or put it in a existing world (its just a behavior pack)
  4. Do /function scaffold/help
  5. Enjoy!!! :D


  • MinecraftScaffoldAddonFunctionPack.mcpack (423.98 KB)

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cool ive been waiting for this
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it not working, it wont do anything
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cool ive been waiting for this
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