Published on February 14, 2020 (Updated on May 06, 2020)

SCP Foundation Add-on V3 (The New Beginning) (1.13+)

This Add-on added new mobs from the SCP universe into minecraft, each mob will have their own ability, If you a fan of the SCP foundation page then this addon is for you

This addon is finally official, thank you


For anyone don't know how to remove door or other use barrier to remove it

How to interact with objects

Long Tap: Keycard Reader, Containment Door, all of this using the keys

Punching: Button, Lever FD, Sliding Door

To remove also long tap the objects with the barrier


SCP-173: is a very hostile mob, SCP-173 won't be able to move if it's being looked at by the this mob will make players blink so it can get to attack them easier

SCP-173 will attack the player by snapping their, you can remove SCP-173 by simply use a diamond pickaxe long it to remove it

SCP-049: or you can call it plague doctor, this mob will infect villager and turn them into zombie just like the normal zombie, he players and give them wither effect will turn the human mob into SCP-049-2 (Zombie), you can give the red flower for SCP-049 and he will become docile for 30

SCP-682: Is a hostile will kill anything on if own kinds, SCP-682 can be called the hard to destroy reptile,

  • : immortal
  • Strength: instant kill
  • taking damage
  • Return to it default side over time

SCP-053: appear to be a little girl, she will give the players a heart attack if they come close, she will follow any mob in her eyes sight, if you hit her you die

  • Health: 20
  • Strength: weak

SCP-939: Will eat any animal and humanoid, SCP-939 can imitate any mob sound and will make a very loud noise when hurt, they cannot attack you if they can't hear you

  • Health: 150
  •  Strength: 20 damage
  • Can spawn naturally

SCP-019: A monster pot if you touch it, SCP-019-2 will crawl out of the pot and kill you

  • destroy it by holding the diamond pickaxe in your hand and press the button

  • destroy it by holding the diamond pickaxe in your hand and press the button

SCP-019-2: look like extremely dangerous and can move very fast

SCP-999: a friendly mob will around the players and give them resistance effect and saturation

  • Health: 20
  • sounds when players are near it

SCP-066: A weird looking red thing or you can call it Eric Toy, they will around and do no damage to the players

  • Health: 5
  • a very loud noise if the player approaching it
  • Can knock the player out with

SCP-1048: seem like a harmless teddy bear, will around and do nothing to the player and it two more of bear are SCP-1048-A, SCP-1048-B, SCP-1048-C you can call him builder bear

  • Health: 200
  • Ability: build an evil version of it and kill any players near it, but he can only build more bear if the player is far away from him (Warning headphones)

SCP-106: extremely dangerous, have the form of an

  • Health: 3006
  • : 200
  • Ability: can go any obstacles to get to his prey

Features: you can give him special effect by type this command "/function add_trail" (require strong device). If you want to turned it off the use this command "/function remove_trail"

SCP-096: will kill who looked at his face

  • Health: too much
  • : 10000
  • : run fast and will break every block when angry he won't to get to his victim, can
  • big jump toward the victims
  • Now when in will kill the victim who look at

SCP-1000: Big Foot neutral

  • Health: 600
  • Damage: 10
  • Ability: will attack other monsters
  • Can spawn naturally

SCP-250: is a skeleton of Allosaurus can move around 

  • Health: 250
  • Damage: 7
  • Ability: kill every and pigs
  • Can spawn naturally

SCP-3199: is a man chicken, will attack player and human in groups, can run very fast

  • Health: 10
  • Damage: 3 can give poison effect
  • Ability: endless birth, will turn into invulnerable egg when killed 200 will come back as the baby version. Both baby and adult can lay eggs
  • Can spawn naturally

Here are how their eggs look: 

SCP-093: The Unclean Object has a shape of a humanoid with head

  • Health: 993
  • Damage: 20
  • Ability: is very big and will kill players and humans

SCP-458: is a pizza box but it's not a normal pizza box

  • Ability: will give infinity pizza, cannot be destroyed by anything except this command: "/kill @etype=entityscp458]", to get pizza from it, you need to attack it

SCP-012: is a bad composition

Ability: will drag the player and other mobs into it and kill them if they're in range, when dragging the player they will play a very loud sound, give them nausea, blindness and wither, during this progress the player won't be able to move, this effect will not affect the player in creative mode

SCP-811: is a Swamp Woman living in the swamp

  • Health: 150
  • Damage: 7
  • Ability: is docile to the player can breath in water, will play a warning sound effect to the player if they are taking her, then immediately leap toward her victim and eat it

SCP-1316: is a look like a vanilla normal cat, but it has a special ability

  • Health: like a normal cat
  • Ability: will summon the Chaos Insurgency when it meets the Scientist

SCP-1762: is a box and when you hit it it will open and release the paper dragon called SCP-1762-2 will fly around the room and after 60 seconds they'll

SCP-303: is a door Man with a big mouth on

  • Health: 30
  • Ability make the creepy sound when the player next to the door, if the player opens it they die, is invisible, when not near the door and become visible when near door
  • NOTE: Right now his ability only work on the doors in this add-on, vanilla door will work in the next update

SCP-131: is the has 3 different variants: orange, yellow, and theme

  • Health: 20
  • You can tame it using apple
  • Can move very fast
  • Ability: Will keep  still and will protect you from it

SCP-082: Is a cannibal, with green skin will attack the player, and human

  • Health: 20000
  • Damage: 20

SCP-073: is a humanoid male with the arms make from unknown metal, he is very friendly

  • Health: immortal
  • Damage: 10
  • Ability: Cain (SCP-073) will turn grass into dirt, if anything damaged him all the damage will reflect back to the attacker
  • He will monsters, dangerous SCPs to protect the human and players, he will not fight back if you attack him

SCP-166 is a Teenage [REDACTED]

  • Health: 20
  • Ability: just don't let any male human near her

SCP-2295: is a patchwork teddy bear

  • It's will enter the active state if there any player or human near it
  • , it'll heal the target near it and gift them an apple

SCP-1765: is a 3 sisters that can bend reality

SCP-111: Dragon snail they're friendly, and they lay eggs

SCP-323: is a monster with the wendigo skull 

SCP-1678: Is a look like a police officer but have no face and really strong only explosion weapon can kill them

SCP-953: is a Nine tailed fox girl, she can can shapeshift into other human, also she afraid of dogs, and she is really evil

SCP-076-2: Can come back to life after dead, become SCP-076-1

SCP-745: is a raptor with the glowing head, they attack in groups, and can move extremely fast

SCP-178: Is a 3d glasses that when you wear it you will see a werid looking creature called SCP-178-1

SCP-178-1 will attack if you look at them, come near them or try to interact with them when wearing the 3d glasses

SCP-035; is possesed mask, that will take over the body of who wear it

SCP-058: Is a heart that can move and talk it really agressive and can move super fast

SCP-023; Is a Black Shuck, if you look at it after 5 minutes you will die

SCP-191 is a cyborg child

SCP-105; is a girl holding a camera she can transport other entity to other place by using her camera

SCP-822: Is a cactus that explode if there are anything near it

SCP-860-2 is a guardian of the forest, it will attack you if you did in one of two thing

  1. Come too near to it 
  2. Not get away from it in time

SCP-847 is a mannequin that hates woman

SCP-040-JP is a cat

SCP-001-Prototype is a monster that can create a black hole

SCP-500: is a pill will heal the player

You can get it by simply typing this command "/give @s scp500"

SCP-148: is original, was some kind of ore, but in this add-on I called it a Telekill Sword

You can kill anything when holding this sword except these (SCP-458, SCP-682)

SCP-063: World best toothbrush

You can mine every block using this toothbrush, except block

SCP-049-2: a zombie version of the humans mob acting like a normal zombie, but doesn't burn in daylight and have a unique animation


D-class, Scientist, Female Researcher: will flee away from monsters and things will try to hurt them, will turn into SCP-049-2 if they being cured by SCP-049, they will pick up the gun from the death human to protect them self

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 1

Dr.Bright: If you are downloading this addon then you probably know who is he

Guard: will Scientist, Female Researcher, can switch to melee if near, and switch to ranged if far away, they will alert the same types to come and help them

  • Health: 20
  • Ranged attack: 5
  • Melee: 10

Chaos Insurgency: kill the scientist, Female Researcher,  D-class can switch to melee if near, and switch to ranged if far away, they will alert the same types to come and help them, Warning they can grief your world

  •  Health: 20
  • Ranged attack: 15
  • Melee: 10

Nine Tailed Fox: Kill D-class, Chaos Insurgency protect Female Researcher, Scientist can switch to melee if near, and switch to ranged if far away, they will alert the same types to come and help them, will follow Nine Tailed Fox Commander

  • Health: 20
  • Ranged attack: 15
  • Melee: 10

Other MTF Tau-5, Mole Rats, Maz Hatter

Fun Facts: you can tame them by using gold ingot


There are 7 types of normal item and 3 SCP items

  1. Door Rotator: can use on door to rotate them 
  2. Pizza slice can get from trading with Scientists, Researcher and SCP-458pizza box)
  3. P90: can get from trading with scientists
  4. P90 Ammo: can get from trading with scientists
  5. Empty P90: can get from trading with scientists
  6. Keycard-1: right now there is only one at the moment, but it will have more in the future, can use on Containment door
  7. will protect you from the effect of SCP-053 for a period time

  1. Or you can simply get them from the item box

Blocks And Doors

Doors: there are two types of door they can be by both the player and the human

Sliding Door: can be opened and closed by hitting at the bottom of it (on the right)

Heavy Door: can only be opened by controllers

Containment Door can only be opened by using Keycard-1, used for containment chamber (on the left)

Blast door: is just a very big door




  • Button: can be opened by punching it or left click
  • Lever: similar to button
  • Reader there're 3
  • Level 1 is yellow
  • Level 2 is Blue
  • Level 3 is Red

Blocks: here are the picture of all the blocks in this


Yes they are 3d in first person:

Credits to 安瑞CN For letting me use the codes for 3d model gun

How to get them?

P90: "/give @s gun:p90"

M4A1: "/give @s gun:m4a1"

M249: "/give @s gun:m249"


053-table: this table will let SCP-053 draw on it

PC: This is not only for decorating it Scientists will use it to call for help

Chair: Human will sit on they on it forever after a period of time they will get off of the chair, you can also sit on it

Dead Body

the when the

You can join two by using these functions

To join Chaos: using /function chaos
To join Guard: using /function guard
To leave using /function leave

You need to turn on experimental mode to use this if you use it on v113

For more information

The trailer of the Add-on:

Note: if you use this addon please give me credit

If you already have the old version of this delete it from your game and your world then you can install it

Do not reupload it without my permission

even though you will probably do that, if you do that without credits then you know what you SUCKS


Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed the link to adfly
  • Fixed bugs sometime you don't get 035 spawn egg


Wait for 5 seconds then click the skip button to download.

Turn on EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in the world settings if you are using it on 1.13!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Can i download it?...............can i?.....
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If you want to download it for the 1.18.2 update, please wait for an update for the 1.18.2 version. This add-on is quite outdated and may not work well.
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hey bendy, I was wondering when the 049 update is coming out? cause I love this mod and I use it all the time! I love the models you put into the SCPs!
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The video he made recently was about an overhaul update for 049. This SCP is part of this SCP Foundation Add-on. And because of that, the entire Add-on will be updated, especially the other mobs in this Add-on. It'll take a long time because he's gonna have to update tons of things.
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Okay so you writed "the New beggining" so you going to made more updates?
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can you make a Linkvertise link? i love and really want this mod but i can't but i can't download it with the links.
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Is there a way to activate blocks, the blocks aren’t there when you spawn facilities! Good addon though :)
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Hey bendy, I have a bug where the falicity spawns arn't workin.
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ummmm it no let me have it
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Pls update it to 1.18
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When will this be updated to 1.18 or 1.19?
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please update this addon for 1.17
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