Published on July 11, 2021 (Updated on July 10, 2021)

SCP Sounds Pack Remaster Edition (Pre-Release)

You wanna use sounds of SCP Containment Breach in your map? The all SCP:CB sounds you needed is here! You can play sounds with /playsound command. And this is remaster edition. More lite, and no problem about .mcpack installing

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  • SCPSounds_Alarm.mcpack (1.82 MB)
  • SCPSounds_Ambient.mcpack (9.89 MB)
  • SCPSounds_Door.mcpack (2.93 MB)
  • SCPSounds_Music.mcpack (37.22 MB)
  • SCPSounds_SCP.mcpack (23.63 MB)

Installation Guides

It could have more types of sounds
Breach: Scp-682/Scp-106
Warhead: Detonate/Siren/Fail
MTF: Announcements
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Yay finally