SCP:CB MAP (Early Development)

This map is compatible with Julius Scissors SCP mod and texture pack please download these before playing this or everything will break and you cant play the world after that. Also all credits goes to Julius Scissors for making this map possible… Also i have permission from the creator of the mod to use it so please don’t complain in comments thanks 🙂

Permission of:

This is a map were you can RP and have an actual CB so have fun and never stop checking this page i will update map soon and when its finished it will be better.

The rooms that are made now are SCP-914, 173’s chamber, Scp-1162, the key . ring ,book ,and mask rooms too, heavy check point and more to come please have fun and bye!

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I changed the version its compatable with and thank you for accepting last time

im fixing what the comments said its mostly the same so please accept


Yes I do have permission, so please approve this map.

Look for the comment from Mr.Pineapple

I got his permission to use his mod i can give proof and i made it to where his mod and texture pack are on linked on his pages thank you for the feed back i got more pictures and a more descriptive submission.

Sorry admin editor im new to this i fixed most of the things you told me to im sory i will link his page instead of his mod thank for helping me and have a good day. :)

Also can i wait to put better pictures.



 HAVE FUN also check out juilus s mod.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta) 1.6

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38 Responses

3.89 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Guest-3266628643 says:

    Hello look, download the map but for some reason I am creative and if I use a command to kill myself, I appear outside the map, how can I solve this?

  2. Guest-7145949359 says:

    I got kicked

  3. Guest-7334328794 says:

    I am a friend with Julius i didn’t even notice he was a scp mod CREATOR!

  4. ChunkWiggleson says:

    The bottom picture gives me anxiety

  5. Guest-2316737493 says:

    Hi umm the walls are gone lol

  6. Guest-1039115312 says:

    Why not go for the original design of the scps? Scp 173 looks like it got into a car accident after smoking too many blunts.

  7. Guest-4379257088 says:

    The map says ” Level Import failed”, I need help. Im on version 1.14.30

  8. Guest-8571217717 says:

    Everytime I load up minecraft, edit the scp map and go to behavior packs it says that “scp: js edition bp, this pack is missing”. I checked to make sure i have all the correct files for the map to function properly and i think the problem is the missing icon or logo for the pack and other files that go with the behavior pack and i am also on xbox one for the map.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry I don’t think this map works well for Xbox sorry I have a Xbox too and it doesn’t work I’ll try my best to fix it ok?

  9. DTechGamer says:

    What exact Minecraft version does this map support?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mostly PC and phone xbox is a little tricky and i have one too so i need to download my own map to see whats wrong with it

  10. Guest-7421950050 says:

    Hello everybody yes im making more of the map im waiting for the editor to accept my update i updated the map and the texture packs but so far is it working?

  11. Guest-5283554323 says:

    The lag is too severe to play on low spec devices.

    • Guest-4938867754 says:

      1gb and 2gb RAM devices are not compatible (Asus Zenfone Max, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and other O+ Devices) 3gb to 6gb is compatible (Infinix XOS3, Huawei Y9, Samsung Note9 and 10, Iphone X, Iphone 11 and 11 pro etc.)

  12. Guest-2115693472 says:

    This Map Is Modded Map Cannot You Be Create Gate A

  13. Guest-6712035364 says:

    How do I download?

  14. Guest-6095653985 says:

    Can you make it up to 1.16

  15. Guest-9950813496 says:

    Hey BirdEatSed. This map will be realy awesome. I can see this map as this completed. Lets keep it work on, and it will be very good 🙂

  16. BirbEatSed says:

    Ok i found out whats wrong theres two texture pack needed its an old on and a new more recent one

  17. BirbEatSed says:

    Hey by any chance would you guys like a more realistic version of SCP:CB with both Julius’s and Bendy’s mod?

  18. GDD2003 says:

    As soon as I loaded in it was blown up and incomplete.

  19. Guest-2281477219 says:

    I don’t know how to get the map, I downloaded the file but I can’t get minecraft to open it please change file.

  20. DTechGamer says:

    I’m gonna try this tomorrow. It have 140.55 MB. Jeesh. It have more MB than Minecraft itself.

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