Sculk Tycoon

Run, upgrade, and fix your own Sculk Factory, earn money and max out every single upgrade. Will your factory become the best, well good luck... This map doesn't use any mods, add-on's or texture packs.

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Fixed a lot of typos on the download page
Fixed a lot of typos in the map
Fixed falldamage
New download


  • Sculk_Tycoon.mcworld (70.39 KB)

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love the map yu did a great job how ever i agree can you add something to do while waiting?

Radioactive19848375 March 27, 2024 at 2:05 am
I enjoyed this map but there’s a few bad things . When you are waiting there isn’t much to do other than run around the little room. I don’t really k ow how to fix that but yeah , also it would be nice to get multiple converters