Published on April 19, 2023 (Updated on April 22, 2023)

Seals of Power [v1.0]

This addon adds seals that store special powers that are released when used. This first version includes 30 seals that can be made using the essences that are dropped by hostile mobs.The main idea behind this addon is to have fun testing and discovering what each of the seals is capable of doing, using them as tools to progress in the game.


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▪︎New Essences:

-Essence of Rancour
-Essence of Rebellion
-Essence of Rage
-Essence of Remorse

▪︎New special Crafting Table:

- Seal Workbench

▪︎New Seals:

- Seal Aax:
- Seal Astra
- Seal Alne
- Seal Ans
- Seal Aster
- Seal Bator
- Seal Cas
- Seal Drie
- Seal Etis
- Seal Fis
- Seal Gan
- Seal Hiru
- Seal Impar
- Seal Joss
- Seal Kolme
- Seal Lima
- Seal Muxuni
- Seal Noll
- Seal Ottu
- Seal Portus
- Seal Quar
- Seal Roku
- Seal Satu
- Seal Trois
- Seal Ualu
- Seal Viens
- Seal Wes
- Seal Xante
- Seal Ynte
- Seal Zes



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hello , your addon looks really good , i wish i cuould play with it ,but the resource pack link gives error, could you upload it again?
thank you so much, hope you create more things like this
Definitely the best mod! Specify your payment system, like PayPal. I think there will definitely be donations for a mod like this. I'd help too, but I'm not rich yet. Anyway, thanks for the mod.
Rp won't download
Rp가 다운로드되지 않습니다
Quick patch!! now rp works
빠른 패치!! 이제 rp가 작동합니다
Is this some kind of joke? Your resource pack has 0 bytes. It was released on January 1, 1980, at 00:00. I suggest that you were inattentive when you released this addon. Anyway, I won't lower my grade, but I won't be able to test the mod. This may be possible if you respond to my message.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize the file had been corrupted when uploading to mediafire

You could have uploaded your addon to this site instead of Mediafire. I understand that you need the money, but those who will appreciate your work and efforts without a doubt will thank you. Many developers who want to become famous have nothing to show for their project at the initial stage, but when they get recognition, it works itself out. It's just a tip for the future; there's no malice or mockery. I wish further development and health to you and your loved ones. All the best! Forgive my English; I used a translator.